How I Became A Macro-Maniac With The Olloclip 4-In-1 Lens For iPhone

Even tho I am a photographer I use my iPhone to take 95% of my photos. I do miss a good zoom but I also enjoy macro. I did a few attempts of close ups, unfortunately, it did not turned out the way I wanted …
and then the Olloclip 4-in-1 lens came along.



The down side is that it turned me into a macro-hunter-maniac … now all I think about is to find tiny things to photograph. It also makes some really cool abstracts images. Plants objects, trust me it will get you addicted #NoFilter.


In my eternal quest for the macro-grale, I recently opened a draw containing change from various trips we took over the years, from Africa, Polynesia, Europe to Asia it was really cool to give a closer look at some of this world money.


I even found coins from my home country, France, dating from the pre-Euro era.


Including a nice Eiffel Tower 100 year anniversary special edition edited in 1989 and a really cool aka old 1933 coin, that I must have found at my grand parent’s home when I was a kid #memories.


The 4-in-1 has cool fisheye, a wide angle and 2 macro lenses, yes two!! Trust me those insects are gonna hate you for tracking them down … they are so not ready for their close ups! Imagine a time-lapse close up #mindblowing.

The all-new 4-IN-1 Photo Lens has been updated to utilize not only the high-quality, rear-facing camera, but also front-facing FaceTime camera that is optimized for selfie photography. The fisheye and wide-angle lenses offer a larger field of view, perfect for the “Ellen shot” made famous during last year’s Academy Awards for a more expansive selfie with a group of people or a scenic background. For enhanced portability, this new photo lens is now wearable through an included customizable pendant (package includes three colored pendants) and can be clipped to a backpack, lanyard, key ring or just about anything. Easily accessible, your olloclip is always ready when that incredible photographic moment arises. olloclip lens systems are made of precision ground multi-element coated glass optics and work with all photo and video apps. To match your style, the 4-in-1 Photo Lens is available in colors that complement the new iPhone 6 line. “We’re always looking for ways to push the limits of what’s possible in mobile photography,” said Patrick O’Neill, olloclip CEO and founder. “Our latest photo lens adds exciting new dimensions to ease-of-use, creativity and the sheer enjoyment of taking pictures with a smartphone.”

The olloclip 4-in-1 Photo Lens for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is priced at $79.99 USD and is available for pre-order at It will be available late-November 2014 through olloclip and major retailers including Apple and Best Buy.

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