How to Implement Great and Lucrative Fundraising Ideas in No Time at All

Fundraising is a great way to obtain charitable donations for a good cause. Whether you are trying to expand your business, obtain extra liquidity to turn a dream into a reality or help out a charity of your choice, the fact of the matter is that you have a number of interesting options at your disposal. Let’s take a look at a handful of recommendations as well as how you can leverage their benefits in order to make the most out of what is offered.

Many charitable websites cite crowdfunding as their top fundraising idea. The majority of these can be carried out via an online portal such as Kickstarter. This method is efficient, effective and easy to implement within any existing campaign. You will simply need to register with a trusted provider, describe your project in detail and state a reasonable financial goal. This information will then be made public; an ideal means to attract a broad audience.

Silent Auctions

Not only are silent auctions a great deal of fun, but they are another effective means to raise much-needed capital within a short period of time. Members of the audience will discretely bid on specific items and much like a normal auction, the highest bid wins. In order to create a silent auction, it is first important to offer items which will appeal to the participants. Other issues such as procuring an adequately sized venue and marketing the event through online media will help you reach the desired demographic.

Business-Sponsored Fundraising Ventures

Whether referring to an inter-office cook-off or a walkathon, these events are another interesting approach to traditional fundraising. In the majority of instances, the sponsor (such as a business) will match all or a portion of the money raised by the participants. For example, perhaps every mile walked equates to a donation of £10 pounds towards your cause. Once again, make sure that fun activities are offered and try to maintain a light-hearted atmosphere. These events are just as much about entertainment as they involve raising capital.

Sky-High Fundraising Alternatives

If you are primarily catering to a younger demographic, consider action-packed events such as bungee jumping or skydiving as potential options. There are two advantages to such ideas. First, they will certainly provide a memorable experience for all participants. Secondly, word of mouth can quickly spread to others who may be interested. Not only will the adrenaline flow freely, but you are likely to raise a substantial amount of money along the way. Just be sure to choose reputable experience days companies which are able to display the proper accreditations as well as an excellent safety record.

Mobile Fundraising Software

Not everyone has the time to attend a physical auction. Thankfully, this is no longer necessary. Mobile fundraising applications such as BidPal are able to provide on-the-go users with an interactive means to place bids. Additionally, you can interact with the buyers themselves. You can explain your cause, your goals and what you are hoping to achieve in the long run. This will provide a decidedly personal touch to your ventures.

50-50 Raffles at a Glance

This is an excellent idea if you do not have any up-front capital to devote towards a fundraiser. The concept itself is very simple. Each participant pays a specific amount for a raffle ticket. Once a winner is drawn, he or she is given 50 per cent of the proceeds. Your organisation will keep the remainder. Raffles can be fun and exciting events to attend. If you are able to obtain a large number of participants, the return on investment will normally be quite high.

Thinking Outside of the Proverbial Box

Why not step away from the corporate side of fundraising by providing participants with a fun excursion or even a wilderness retreat? Although these closely resemble holidays, the money that attendees pay can be partially devoted towards your ultimate goal. These are also excellent ways for employees to bond with others during the experience itself; helping to boost morale and cohesion. Take a survey to appreciate which activities are the most popular to make sure that you are addressing the desires of your audience.


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