How To Make A Perfect Statement With Your Lifestyle

Picture this: you have scored an apartment in a new happening neighbourhood. But let’s not forget, it takes just as much effort to spruce it up and keep it looking luxurious than it did finding it.


We have all been there. We have tried to make our place look cooler and yet ended up with a style mess. Thankfully, this is the age of minimalism. Sophisticated luxury is in and you can make a statement with less!



Have you heard the statement, ‘the more accessorized, the better?’ Yeah, we neither! An over-accessorized apartment is the opposite of classy and actually screams out more about disorganization rather than style!


Keep it to a bare minimum and throw out useless junk. Let the space breathe. Chic places are all about open, clear spaces and important, significant decoration/art pieces that hold memories.

Have Moldings

Modern apartments have luxurious finishes and wall accents that take care of more than half of your worries regarding apartment decoration. If you want to get an idea how a modern apartment truly makes the suave and urban dream come true, have a look at Deluxe apartments provide panoramic views.

Glamorize The Bathrooms


Nothing speaks luxury like having a mosaic, stone, or a crystal vessel sink in the bathroom. Placing glass vanity in the bathroom also takes the style up a few notches. Some other worthy additions are a modern pedestal sink, wall mount bathroom vanity, and luxury bathroom faucets.


There is something to cater to every taste and preference.

Have A Spa Bathroom

There is something about hotels that spells luxury. As soon as we step in the decadent bathrooms, we start feeling pampered and on cloud nine. Why not create a resemblance of that experience in your very own home?


A spa bathroom incorporates a few elements. For example, a glass enclosed walk-in shower has become synonymous with expensive taste and luxury. Coupled with full-body jets will transport you to another world.


If you want to go the next level, there is always a Jacuzzi tub. If you want the bathroom to be no less than any lavish bathroom, then go ahead with large mirrors. Your bathroom with spa look is right here.

Head To The Mountains

Who said luxurious living is only restricted to the city? Lush green views in the village can’t be traded for anything and if you have a chance of getting village luxury apartments, go for it!


If you are a fan of natural scenes, huge golfing grounds, and amazing hiking trails, you may come across the place you always fantasized about by visiting The Village apartments. A good thing about this luxurious living is that it is in a perfect location for commuters to San Jose.

Crank Up The Lighting


Lavish lighting plays a key role in making everything appear magnificent in the hotel. From side lamps to the chandeliers and art lights, your home can get a glow with the right lighting.


If you have outdated overhead lights, consider getting them replaced with contemporary light fixtures. Dimmers are another ‘in’ thing as they control the mood lighting.


Side lamps prove to be a glamorous addition to any room. Don’t go for a ‘totes matching’ look. They should be in contrast or have some semblance with the furniture.

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