How To Organize The First Date

New technologies being developed so fast in the digital age make our lives easier and more comfortable. It is nearly impossible to find some area of life, culture, economics or politics that is not affected by innovations. We can’t imagine a single day without the Internet that ruins all boundaries and makes dreams come true. Many people dream and are longing to find the love of the life.  Instead of searching that person in the reality, they go to dating sites and Facebook.  During their hard attempts to find the soul mate there, they forget about precaution. Men dreaming of heart-to-heart talks and long passionate relations often find girls who are just after money. Men pay for dinner and never see a girl any more. The below simple rules will help men to avoid scammers and not to break the bank while looking for your love.

The first date after chatting online is always worrying. All a man usually thinks of on the first date is not to screw up big time and to immensely impress his potential partner.  Though, the focus should be on the woman in order to know her better.

Choose the right activity. Having a dinner is the most popular way to know each other. On the one hand, any restaurant is a public place and is seemed safe by a woman, on the other hand, nobody stands between two. The disadvantage is expenditures to be paid by a man.  In case, a woman has no serious intention initially, a significant sum will be wasted without any result. There are other ways to spend great time and get acquainted with each other. Visit a museum, go to the zoo, enjoy nature and a picnic in the public park or taste ice-cream with different flavors in the ice cream parlor. These activities don’t require beg sums of money and are just perfect to see tastes and habits.  These places are public as well as any restaurant, so a woman should have no suspicion.

Limit the time.  You need this trick to stop a date that does not meet your expectations or a girl shows how boring she feels in the above mentioned places. Before making an appointment tell the girl that you have to be somewhere in 30-40 minutes. This time will be enough to form the first opinion about her personality and to avoid scam. To have a lunch together is a perfect way to know each other within the limited period of time too. Your lunch time will be spend with fun and in the company of a new person, besides, both of you ( or just you) should be in time in your office.

Avoid any physical contact. The goal of the first date is to know each other better and to feel some chemistry and attraction. Even if the date was successful, it is not a reason to have any physical contact. A brief hug is OK in case you liked each other and have intention to continue your acquaintance.

By following these simple recommendations you’ll succeed in finding a good personality fit without spending fortune and being scammed.

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