How To Secure Your House Before Going For A Family Vacation

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The few things that can ruin a wonderful family vacation include coming back home and finding out that your oven has exploded, the entire house has been flooded due to a burst pipe, or all valuables have disappeared due to theft.

While you can’t be entirely prepared for the unforeseen disasters that may occur while you’re away, you should carry out some preventative measures before leaving.

Here are some tips to increase the chances of coming back to a clean and disaster-free house.

Check Your Heating And Cooling Systems

If you’re expecting temperature changes, shutting off your cooling or heating system entirely isn’t advisable. That’s because doing this may result affecting the plants, fabrics, furniture, and other sensitive items of your house in a negative way. Instead, adjust the temperature at 10-15 degrees lower than usual.

Maintaining a comfortable temperature in your absence will not only protect these items but will also keep the house warm during your absence. For a thorough inspection of your HVAC system, consult before you leave for the vacation.

Check The Electrical Appliances

Unplug all electrical appliances including phone chargers, computers, microwave, electric stove, hair dryers, coffee makers, and toasters. But keep the Wi-Fi on, especially if you have devices like cameras and security system that depend on it.

Shut off circuit breakers for areas that don’t require electricity in your absence. Avoid shutting down the main breaker..

Check The Plumbing

If you don’t want to enter into a flooded house, check the plumbing before you leave. Turn off the valves that are connected to the water supply, washing machine, dishwasher, water heater, toilets, and sinks.

Since you’ll not be using the water heater, turn that off too and shut off its water connection. Avoid shutting the main water line if you have already taken care of the valves around the house. If you notice plumbing problems, get them fixed beforehand by visiting

Clear Up The Yard

Don’t leave a messy yard behind. It will only get worse while you’re away. To avoid dealing with a bigger hassle later on, get the yard cleaned before you leave. Mow the lawn or pick up the leaves so your property doesn’t look like it’s uninhabited.

Secure The House

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A house that looks unoccupied is an open invitation to thieves. For longer vacations, consider investing in automatic timers that are programmed to turn the lights on and off at set intervals.

Before leaving, alert the security service to take special care of your house for a specific duration. You can even ask a trusted neighbor to keep a watch while you’re away.

Bug Spray

If your home is prone to bug invasion, you might want to spray some bug repellent in key areas to keep them away.

Plan A Prepared Meal

If you’re going for a short trip, you’ll love to come back to a meal waiting for you. Before leaving, stock your pantry with coffee, some cold cereal, or some long-life shelf milk so you can easily prepare and enjoy your first meal after you come back.

Freshen Up The Sheets

You may not get a chance to dust off or clean the house right away. To enjoy a peaceful sleep right from the first night of returning, change the sheets with fresh ones before leaving.

Clean The House

Your next goal should be to tidy up the house. If you’re too tired after packing everything for the vacation, take a nap and start afresh. Vacuum the floor and then clean the bathroom and kitchen.  


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