If Internet Was A Planet … Here Is What It Would Look Like:

Today we could hardly survive – at least the way we know it – without internet – as I am typing this post, my dear Time Warner cable connection is terribly slow and it’s driving me crazy – #ThanxTimeWarner.

So imagine for a minute or a second (because I know you are busy surfing the web) that internet was a real planet. Would you live an ethic life on the main polluted Google land? Enjoy a remote lifestyle on the Blackberry Island? Maybe explore the mysterious forests of Adobe? Sail the pirates infected seas of Copyright? Or maybe enjoy a layback welcome-to-Gattaca lifestyle in the sunny state of Apple?

One thing is for sure I would not fly Time Warner Airline (imagine your flight going full speed and then suddenly decide to slow down for hours …) and I would be too scared to be a passenger on the AT&T planes as they would certainly drop me several times before my final destination … an Internet world may sound like a fun place to live in but it’s still a new world with some archaics technologies. I am not an explorer at heart so I’ll stay right here on earth …


What do you think of this map? It’s pretty accurate right? Except this planet seems to be too small for porn … that would need to be a planet to itself! And this is where most of us would live I guess.

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