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India de Beaufort is the perfect combination of beauty and talent. The British actress, singer and songwriter began her career on British television before moving to the United States to pursue her dream of becoming an actress.
She has appeared in some iconic shows, One Tree Hill and Chicago P.D. to name but a few, which further underlines her credible and impressive résumé.
I had the pleasure to talk with the beautiful and charismatic India on her newlywed status (congratulations!), her new series Blood and Oil and what her fans can expect from her in the future.
BELLO: So you grew up in Surrey, England but you have been living in the states for quite a while now. Would you ever consider moving back to the U.K.?
IDB: “I have no idea until I get there. Right now I’m living in Park City, Utah while we’re shooting, I’m having a total love affair with the mountains, but if you had asked me 5 years ago if I thought I’d move outside of L.A. I can’t say I would have seen this coming. I try to fly back to England at least twice a year to see my family, and right now I’m enjoying the blend of both worlds.”

BM: If you could appear on a British television programme, which TV show would you want to make a cameo appearance in?
IDB: “’Mrs. Brown’s Boys.’ I love comedy, and I am just so tickled by Brendan O’Carroll.”

BM: You’ve appeared in some blockbuster TV programmes, what was your experience like on One Tree Hill?
IDB: “It was incredible. The fan base for OTH is like no other I’ve ever experienced. There is so much love for the world of Tree Hill and I felt really lucky to get to experience that kind of support.”

BM: It was such a long standing show [One Tree Hill]. Was it difficult to enter into a cast that had been working together for so many years?
IDB: “Not at all, the cast was a family, and they were used to new additions. We had a blast. I was only there for a season, around 9 months total, but I was very happy to be in Wilmington, and I always remember my time there fondly.”

BM: So obviously we need to talk about Blood & Oil! It has such an incredible cast. Which of your fellow cast members are you closest to?
IDB: “We all hang out together. Park City is a pretty small town so we tend to move in a group. We’re having fun finding new spots and restaurants. I’d say we are living in a bit of a bubble right now, everyone’s excited to be here enjoying what’s left of the summer.”

BM: Tell me more about your character Jules Jackman. Do you enjoy playing her?
IDB: “She’s strong, and smart and self made, but she also has a lot of warmth and a sense of humor. I love playing her. I get a little attached to every character I play.”

BM: In terms of future projects, what other roles are you looking to play? What actors/actresses do you aspire to work with?
IDB: “I think I will always want to switch things up. I would love to shoot a sitcom, but I would also love to shoot an honest independent. I don’t feel limited, I really just want to work and get better and learn. Carey Mulligan is one of the most magical and talented actors of our generation and I fall in love with her every time she’s onscreen. Working off her level of depth as a her co-star must be incredibly fulfilling.”

BM: Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! It must be so hectic planning a wedding alongside all your acting projects. Have you set a honeymoon destination yet?
“I just got married to my lovely husband Todd Grinnell. We would love to be on our honeymoon this very moment but there’s just no time. He’s also an actor and on top of that he’s a founder of This Bar Saves Lives alongside Kristen Bell, Ravi Patel and Ryan Devlin. It’s an incredible socially conscious granola bar company sold in Whole Foods, and Target and stores all the way across America. For every granola bar you buy, a packet of a nutritional supplement is given to a child suffering from acute malnutrition. Todd has spent many years traveling back and forth from developing countries helping kids who need surgeries and health care. As you can tell, I’m incredibly proud of him.”

Lastly, do you have a particular saying that you live by?
“Let it go.”

Photography Amanda Peixoto-Elkins
Stylist Sara Paulsen at Celestine Agency
Makeup Nicole Walmsley at The Wall Group
Hair Melissa DeZarate at Exclusive Artists

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