Innovative Ways to Manage a Jam-packed Wardrobe

Picture the scene: your passion for fashion has grown into a fully-fledged obsession and your bulging wardrobe – now so full the doors refuse to shut properly – regularly emits weird creaking noises and threatens an imminent clothing avalanche. If this sounds like your reality, it could be time for a spring clean. We know. We’ve been there. Realizing that some of our beloved old pieces might be past their best can be heartbreaking. Even if we don’t wear something anymore, we get attached.

But while a faded old top with a raggedy hem might fill you with sweet feelings of nostalgia, there’s no use in clinging onto these relics from the past. It’s a wardrobe – not a museum. Ready to take the plunge? We’ve put together some creative ways to help you declutter your drawers and wardrobes.

Organize a clothes swap

If you’ve had your eye on that cute skirt your friend never wears, this could be the perfect solution for both of you! The beauty of an event like this is that there really isn’t much to organize – just throw on some tunes, provide some drinks and snacks, and invite your friends to bring their old clothes. The rest will take care of itself. These parties are a super fun way to socialize, and they can be as big or small as you want. They work both as a low key affair with your besties and as a way to make new friends in your neighborhood. If you feel so inclined, you can take to social media to promote your clothes swap event – you’ll come out of it with a bunch of new contacts as well as an updated wardrobe.


Take a peek through those piles of unworn clothes. There must be a reason why you don’t love these items as much as you did when you bought them. Maybe they’re suffering from a little wear and tear, maybe they’re simply not your style anymore, or maybe it was just an impulse buy (hey, we’re not here to judge). Whatever the reason, there are loads of things you can do to repair, customize, or update that tattered garb. Not gifted with a needle and thread? Not to fear! There are tons of quick and easy ways to revamp your wardrobe, from iron-on patches to easy-to-use fabric dyes. There are also thousands of no-sew DIY tutorials online, if you want a reliable, step-by-step guide. For even more tricks of the trade, check out Sandra Riley Tang’s channel on YouTube. Her videos will have you falling in love with your old clothes all over again.

Set up shop

Have you ever suspected that you might have an entrepreneurial streak somewhere deep inside? Explore your hidden talent while getting rid of your old clothes by setting up an e-commerce shop! This might sound like a lot of hard work, but these types of modern e-commerce packages make things simpleIf you’re looking to make some dollars off of rare, vintage clothes or designer pieces (or even those upcycled clothes we talked about earlier), transforming your wardrobe into a marketplace could be the right path for you. Why not give it a try? Maybe what you’ve got to offer is exactly what people want to buy.

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