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Last fall a new royal family was presented to Americans, in the form of The CWs sexy historic teen soap Reign. (Drool worthy ball gowns and boys provided!) By the end of the season there was even a royal wedding that had taken place–ish. Now a full calendar year later, the network returns with a second season of the steamy drama, the story of an adolescent Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland (Adelaide Kane). Torrance Coombs plays “Bash”, illegitimate son of the King of France, stuck in a love triangle between his half-brother, Francis (Toby Regbo), heir to the throne, and the gentle but fearless Mary. As one could imagine, beginning a second season presents different challenges than those already in place. Coombs, for one, was happy to know people actually cared.


Torrance Coombs is featured on the Young Hollywood cover of BELLO mag October 2014 issue available worldwide on iTunes.

“When it hasn’t aired yet, that’s what it’s like. You just don’t know if people are going to care. I’ve done that. You work really hard on something and once you present it to the world there’s a collective “meh”, explains the Canadian actor. “To have the show come out and get the following that it did, and then an early renewal for a second season was a huge vote of confidence. Now we’re making something we know people dig. There’s confidence in that. Also going into the gig the first time I was just like, ‘Please don’t recast me.'”24-episodes later and there’s no other actor fans of the series could see play Bash, the outsider with a heart of gold and a protection streak. Instead fans are rooting for Bash in the battle for Mary’s heart.

The series has been praised for its portrayal of female relationships, particularly Adelaide Kane’s Mary and her close-knit group of ladies-in-waiting. Mary and her friends lift each other up and respect each other without judgment of what any of them has been up to around the corners and halls of the royal court. In an interview earlier this year Kane sat down with BELLO and spoke of welcoming the responsibility of playing Mary and her newfound duty as a role model for girls. Coombs on the other hand has no such thoughts, as his character, from his name to his hair, is purely fictional. “I thought to myself, “What does it mean to be a bastard?” And, in this context, heavily involved in the royal family, but without that responsibility. I really just try and make it as personal as I can. I’m not beholden to any kind of historical standard; I just get to make him me.” If there’s anything Coomb’s character became known for besides his brooding selflessness, it was his eyes – those enchanting emerald green eyes – both of which will be back next season.

With the forth-coming second season, Coombs offered his own predictions for season two and among those was the topic of The Plague, a disease that claimed many lives during its run. And not to be forgotten. Kenna and Bash have been left with a child. “Bash has also killed both his father and his mentor, so I wonder what he thinks of all that,” he jokes. “And of course, Francis is now the new King, so I’m guessing my character will be there to help him out. I think we’ve restored the brotherly love between them in the show so my hope is that he’ll be protecting him now that he’s in this new position.” One thing fans of the series can be sure of is that Coomb’s accent will be back, even better than before. Having watched ample episodes of his show, I congratulated him for having fooled me into thinking he was actually English. To which he replied, “I was kind of an accent geek in theater school.”

Reign - Torrance Coombs For BELLO Mag

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