It Guy: Jay Ulloa

interview by alexandra bonnet

The young and talented Jay Ulloa is making moves in the music industry. From top student and captain of his high school soccer team to rising star, Jay has wowed his audience with his amazing voice and songs. He just released his first original song, “Manos Al Aire,” which will have you up on your feet this summer! Jay Ulloa is sure to be one of the next people to listen too.

1.When you were 14 years old, you participated in the singing competition series “La Banda” and were the youngest contestant. Describe to me that experience and what prompted you to sign up.
When I signed up I was a little scared because I didn’t know what to expect. When I got the call back I was excited and couldn’t wait to start. It was a little nerve wrecking because I was the youngest one on the show and I had never taken a vocal lesson in my life. I learned a lot and it gave me my first taste into the music industry.

2.Being the team captain of your soccer team and one of the top students in your class, what motivates you to be at your best? How do you balance school and singing?
Managing sports, school and music is not an easy task, but you just have to put your priorities first and know how to handle it. Right now it’s the summer, so I’m completely focused on music.

3. At what age did you discover your love for music? Did anyone in particular inspire you?
When I was 9 years old my mom forced me to join the choir with her and from there on I started loving singing and playing instruments. I owe it to her!

4. You are just starting your solo career as a young singer and are releasing a third song which is also your first original one. Describe to me how this experience has been going. Did you ever expect it to happen so fast?
No I did not expect this to happen so fast, I still cant process everything it seems so unreal. All the love from the fans has been amazing!

5.Tell me more about your original song Manos Al Aire, that was just released. What is it about and what is its source of inspiration? Have you written any songs before?
I wrote this song in LA, because I met this girl and she just worked too hard, had a bunch of problems, and was stressed out all the time. I just wanted for her to let it all go and enjoy herself. Yes, I’ve written many songs in my bedroom, but with “manos al aire” I got to collaborate with amazing writers.

6. Where do you see yourself in five years?
I see myself with a 5 piece band selling out arenas!

7.Favorite activity when you aren’t singing: GO. 
My favorite activity when im not singing has to be producing music or playing soccer.

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