Now here is finally the official date when Viceland will launch – February 29th, and as we have previously reported it will be replacing H2  channel. We have been really excited about this new “network” but honestly we were hoping that it would be only streaming and on demand. Not sure why would a content provider that creates content for youngsters even try to bring it to TV. We would have opted for an APP.

That said the programing gets us really excited and we truly hope everyone jumps onboard and starts watching Gaycation (with Ellen Page), Balls Deep, and Noisey.

Check out the previews bellow as well as the short intros for each show, and let us know what you think?



Ellen Page and her best friend Ian Daniel set off on a personal journey to explore LGBTQ cultures around the world, from Japan to Brazil, New York City to the Iowa State Fair.



Thomas Morton hangs out with different groups of people and gives their lives a try. Like a foreign-exchange program—but for subcultures instead of countries. And there’s only one student in it.




A first-hand look into some of the most compelling music scenes in America and around the world. Correspondent Zach Goldbaum meets key artists and members of their communities to explore the forces at play that shape the sound and culture they live in.

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  1. Cj

    Trash absolute unaduterated garbage! VILE! Promoting gang violence really?!


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