It’s the Blitz

At the height of her fame, supermodel Cindy Crawford said even she doesn’t wake up looking like Cindy Crawford. If one of the most iconic faces in fashion knows it takes a lot of work to look picture perfect, where does that leave the rest of us?

Diet and exercise is important, but a good skincare regime is imperative. But, not everyone knows what they’re doing. Do you use a cleanser than a toner, or is it the other way around? How often should you exfoliate? When does a serum come into play? For those who need some assistance in their beautification, Blitz Facial Bar is there to lend a – well-moisturized – hand.

With locations in downtown Toronto and Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhoods, Blitz Facial Bar puts a modern spin on classic facials. With services ranging from 30-60 minutes (with à la carte add-ons to target specific skin concerns), they’re catered to those who need a personalized pick-me-up. The glow-y skin is just a bonus.

Although I was intrigued by The Works and The O2 Blitz, it was decided I’d try The Blitz Man. After checking in, I was lead through the open concept space, leaned back in my chair and relaxed for the next 60 minutes.

Using their exclusive, eponymous skincare line of products, the facial is designed for shaving irritation, larger pores, and increased exposure to the elements. After a deep cleansing, steam, exfoliation, light extraction (great for blackheads), a toner (to balance the skin’s PH levels), facial massage with serum (the argan oil is heavenly), a vitamin C mask (with a head massage) to brighten dull complexions, followed by a moisturizer and SPF protection (which we all need, no matter the weather).

To take a little Blitz home, the team recommends “fill in” products for those with a standard routine. The Vitamin C Day Repair (for brightening) and the Retinol Advanced Night Cream are newer additions, while the Pumpkin Peel and Skin Renewal Serum are popular amongst the clientele.

After my appointment, I unconsciously tap my cheek for the remainder of the day. The texture is smoother and there’s a pleasant “bounce” to it (a plus when you no longer have the skin of a 6-year-old).

Maybe next time I’ll book an appointment for an IPL facial. It’s never too early to start a prejuvenation regime.

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