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There are many meal delivery out there. Hello Fresh was founded in 2011 in Berlin by Dominik Richter, Thomas Griesel and Jessica Nilsson. They offers meal-kits including ingredients sourced from local suppliers and step-by-step recipes created on a weekly basis by their in-house culinary teams.


Many reasons why you need to try. First, it will make your life easier. No need to go out shopping (some people like it – most don’t). Sure you can go to your local organic farmer’s market and spend a fortune in fresh produces you won’t even know what to do with or you can have them delivered in the exact quantity needed to make a delicious meal explained step by step. Have you ever been out shopping to make a great meal? I always end up having to buy things in a large quantity when in reality I know I will only use a tiny portion of it. Not the best way to save money. Another great reason is to get you out of your ‘comfort food zone’. We tempt to always eat the same thing, because we like it, because it is easy to prepare.


Super easy. You go online at HelloFresh.com and see what is cooking in their kitchen for weeks to come. If you like it, you choose your plan from Classic, Veggie and Family, you order it and wait for the box to be delivered at your doorstep.




Below are the photos I toook along the way:

To be honest my first question was the cold chain. Does it stays cool in the box even on a hot day if I have to leave it outside for maybe 8 hours or so? The answer is yes. the box is stuffed with ice packs that last longer than regular ice. When I got home, maybe 5 hours after the delivery. the ice packs were not even looking like they were about to melt. So my first (and to be honest only) worry was gone.


I loved how everything was well organized. I am a bit of a OCD when it comes to things in order, even in my fridge and I have to say that it even looks cool and convenient to store the meals in your fridge.




I cannot lie that I was not excited about the chicken with brocoli and sweet potatoes. But, as I have mentioned above, I tempt to eat the same thing at home and when I go out and sweet potatoes and brocoli are rarely, well … never on my wish list … but it turned out to be really good and also I found that the portions are quite satisfying. The steak and potatoes was a delicious classic meal and the Thai Pork Stir Fry a big hit. I prepared it family style rather than platting it like the other meals. It was enough for 3 even tho I could have eat the all thing on my own. I even keep the receipe to keep on cooking this dish that I love and would have never done at home if it was not for Hello Fresh. Bon appetit!

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