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There’s a reason that many people consider August to be deep in the doldrums of Summer. Sure the days are long and the nights, steamy, but between the sweltering heat, the repeats on television, and the obvious winding down of the summer movie season, it can sometimes feel like a tedious time-killer between the far superior months of July and September.

Here at BELLO however, we like to think of August as being more like a palate cleanser– a refreshing transition between schoolyears and film cycles, between actual seasons, and the ones we watch on television. A time, much like New Years, during which we process the events of the previous months while simultaneously preparing for those yet to come.

Which is exactly why we’re so proud to bring you our jam-packed August Nostalgia Issue, where we take a look at one of the most iconic comedies of all time on its 30th Anniversary (hint: you may want to cut yourself a piece of cheescake), salute a Saturday night staple for 90’s era teens and tweens, and examine the actual neuroscience behind nostalgia and why Hollywood depends on it so dearly.

Of course, Autumn is coming, and even though we certainly appreciate the past, we’re always looking towards the future as well. Case in point, our profiles of smoking hot triple threat, James Maslow, and talented singer-songwriters, Meg Myers and Melanie Martinez. We hope you’re as excited to meet these fresh new faces as we were.

Happy Reading!

Brad Liberti
Entertainmnet Editor BELLO Mag


In deciding the theme for this issue, we tossed around ideas with the interntion of making this August summer issue much more interesting than it has been in the past. Then, the decision was made… With many remakes, spinoffs, celebrations of shows since airing from their original air dates, we realize that entertainment has been stuck in a state of nostalgia, making this topic the perfect subject for us to interpret.

Our editors and contributors from around the world have worked hard (through all the cocktails and summer heat) to bring you a very entertaining issue covered by the very talented James Maslow. In this issue, you will also find interviews with Melanie Martinez , Meg Myers and Patrick Fabian. Yes, we are very keen on keeping your summer fun and enjoyable.

The team has also asked some of our former covers and spotlighted talent about their first time at the movies. You can join in on the fun and tell us about your first time at the movies by tagging @BELLOmag.

Summer 2015 has been an amazing one as of yet. In hopes you are feeling that same energyas well, please flip through these pages and share them with all of your friends.

Aleksandar Tomovic
Editor in Chief


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