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7 Minutes with Yael Grobglas

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Surrounded by the love of many critics and fans is Yael Grobglas, an Israeli beauty who gets to step into the very difficult and stylish shoes of resident nice girl/independent girl/sometimes-tough-cookie girl Petra Solano on The CW’s raved-about newbie (but very sweet) series Jane the Virgin. With the first season coming to a close, I picked Yael Grobglas’ brain on all things Petra and, of course, the crazy-fun world of Spanish soaps.


1. Assuming Jane the Virgin has aired in Israel, how has the show translated there? Has the reach been as instant as it was here in the USA?

Learning that the show was picked up in Israel was a big deal for me. Jane the Virgin is a very special show that people from any culture can respond and relate to. It was important to me that the people back home, my friends and my family, would be able to enjoy it as well. I’m very happy to report that since landing in Israel, I have had some lovely encounters with fans and people are loving the show.

2. I’m Hispanic and grew up watching many telenovelas. Do you ever dabble in watching any yourself?

Even though I didn’t grow up watching telenovelas myself, I did have many friends whose families would gather daily to watch their favorite telenovela. That was their bonding time and I always thought that was lovely and meaningful. The scenes of the Villanueva women having dinner and watching The Passions of Santos together remind me of those experiences.

3. What are Israeli soaps like?

The closest thing I ever did to a soap in Israel was also a comedy. The show was funny, dramatic, heartbreaking, [and] involved a serial killer and four “villains” who were also very lovable. Oh, and it also had a ghost.

4. Petra has gone through so many changes, I couldn’t pinpoint where she’d be in five episodes…or a season from now. Any ideas?

For one, I do hope Petra will have more friends; she has had so many strange relationships that maybe she will have someone else to talk to other than Magda.
To be honest, even though I consider myself a fairly creative person, I am always surprised by the genius minds of our brilliant writers led by Jennie Urman. The ideas they come up with are so wild and fantastical, yet somehow they manage to make it all come together in the most organic believable way. I’ll leave it to them to keep the creative juices flowing and continue supplying us with more wonderful situations to play with.

5. With all the twists and bombs dropped during episodes, what’s a typical table read like for the cast?

The table reads are my favorite! We are all so connected to our characters, the story and so passionate about everything that happens, so the table reads are very emotionally charged. Not to mention, we have Anthony – our incredible narrator – joining in via video chat, which just really makes it a magical experience. Lots of laughter, usually some tears, some shocked finger pointing, oohs, aaahs and no way!s can always be expected. There’s never a dull moment!

6. Petra’s hair and wardrobe are never out of place. Are you involved at all in choosing her individual looks?

We have a great time during fittings. Our costume design, hair and makeup teams are incredible. I love the attention to detail, style and creativity with which they help shape Petra. Rachel, our designer, has created a unique style that I think matches Petra perfectly. Maybe because Petra is so different from me that over time it has become sort of a “Petra uniform” that I can step into and become the character…especially [in] the heels.

7. I’m itching to see you in more comedy, as I’m sure your fans are, too. Are you itching to do more of it?

I love playing comedy. I adore the scenes when Petra gets to be funny, and I have a wonderful time filming them. One of my favorites was the time when Petra and her mother were locked in their hotel room with their accidental hostage. We had such a great time with those scenes and I look forward to more of them. I also think that one of the greatest things about this show is that you don’t have to decide on either comedy or drama, because it’s both. The writing on Jane the Virgin can make me laugh and cry in the same five minutes and as an actor, that’s simply a dream come true.



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