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In hindsight, one would never believe that Bay Area native Jasmine Villegas, a.k.a. Jasmine V, has been a veteran of the entertainment industry for a little over a decade. The 21-year-old actress, model and singer experienced a lot of life changes and had to grow up very quickly at a young age. From acting in such TV shows as The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, My Wife and Kids and That’s So Raven to modeling for several print ads, this beauty is slowly building her resume and brand. Jasmine V is now making her mark in the industry for which she was born and has been working toward since the age of eleven: music. With several single tracks released over the years, a successful underground mixtape, touring and singing with Justin Bieber and the release of her EP last year under her arsenal, Jasmine is laying the foundation and taking her time in the studio with her record company in preparation to record her full-length album on the Interscope record label, a project that she has been ready to start sinking her teeth into for awhile.


Featured in BELLO mag February 2015 Hollywood issue available to download worldwide on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Kindle.

Originally from San Jose, California, Villegas’ career began when she was discovered by Dame Dash (of the Dame Dash Music Group) and started making appearances at several sporting events, including performances singing the National Anthem at a Los Angeles Clippers game and one of Floyd Mayweather’s boxing matches, among others. She traveled back and forth from the Bay Area to Los Angeles early on in her acting and modeling career before finally getting officially settled in Los Angeles at age eleven. The road to where she is today has definitely been one paved with lots of trials and tribulations. She has even candidly discussed dealing with domestic violence, as is beautifully conveyed in one of her critically lauded songs, “Didn’t Mean That,” and business missteps that could have derailed her career, but now she is treating both as learning experiences. “I thought in the beginning that this was going to be easy, and that everyone had my best intentions at heart and wanted to help me in my career…but later on, I realized that wasn’t the case. It played a huge part in me growing up in this industry.” When we asked Villegas, who was home-schooled for the better part of her life, about what other profession she would have pursued if she wasn’t a musician, she responded that she might have liked to be a veterinarian.

In August of 2014, Jasmine V released “That’s Me Right There,” featuring Grammy-nominated rapper, Kendrick Lamar, to the radio. Shortly thereafter in November, she released her EP with the same title that features five smooth R&B tracks that reflect the singer’s growth and storytelling. “My EP had a lot of slower songs on it, and working with the songwriters helped me express what I was feeling at the time. We worked tirelessly on the project. The material that we are working on right now for the full-length album is more dance-oriented, so I’m excited about that.” When asked about her influences and who her favorite artists and role models are, she immediately discusses powerhouse women like Rihanna, Beyoncé, and her primary idol, Alicia Keys, as women she tries to emulate. “I’d like to think [that] one day I would be up to their level, and I would love to work with Alicia someday. When I was younger, I would dress up – and I even had the cane and hats that she would have – and dance to her routines. She’s so beautiful and talented.”

In addition to singing and acting, Villegas has been an active philanthropist for a handful of organizations and has been building her brand beyond the entertainment business. “I want to have everything. I want to be able to look back and be proud of everything I’ve done, and especially have music that is timeless and keep making my dreams into a reality. The sky’s the limit.” When Villegas is not on her daily grind and pursuing her quest to become the next big thing, she enjoys spending quality time with friends and, mainly, being a homebody, which is something that she doesn’t get much time to do in her busy schedule.

With an impending promotional tour in the works and a decade of experience to back it all up, you can definitely expect her to be ready to show the world what she’s truly capable of. Jasmine V is more than just the beautiful female lead who graced the “Baby” video of her former boyfriend, Justin Bieber; she’s a star in the making, and is destined to make an impact in the music world. One of the mottos that she consistently lives by and holds as an undeniable truth is the fact that “being able to be yourself and know where you come from is a staple in this industry, and in any culture.”


Jasmine Villegas For BELLO mag Music & Lifestyle - Hollywood Issue

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