Cartwright_JayBello2BELLO WATCH: You are joining one of the most watched night’s of TV, ABC’s TGIT! What are five words that best describe the show?  
JAY HAYDEN: Sexy. Romp (hahahaha how awesome is that word to say!?) Caper. Shocking. (It’s a Shondaland show you HAD to know I was going to use that one). Chess… Chess doesn’t sound right. Can I say “chessy”? No, no that doesn’t sound good at all… Screw it let’s go with Sexy one more time to really plant the seed!
BW: Tell us more about your character, what is your favorite thing about playing him?  
JH: He’s mischevious and irreverent. His loyalty to Alice is absolute. He could care less about breaking the law to solve a case. My favorite thing about playing him? I love how much he cares about Alice. I love the history there and the trust between them.
BW: Besides your current job, what has been your favorite on set experience?
JH: Battleground. On Hulu. In fact STILL on Hulu. Go check it out and you tell me if we don’t look like we’re having an awesome time!? The creator (JD Walsh) used to call for “the unusable take”. We could do whatever we wanted. The scene could go anywhere, we didn’t have to stick to the script. Always fun and hilarious. Sometimes brilliant and we shot that in Wisconsin during THE WINTER and we still had fun.  
BW: You have a lot of dramatic work on your resume, any itch to do more comedy?
JH: Not so much an itch but more of an unending burning desire!!! The Catch is a really great vehicle for me personally because I get to do a little bit of both. That’s my wheelhouse. That’s my roundhouse kick. You get it!
BW: We see that you have some upcoming films, Wild Oats and Undrafted to name two, can you tell us more about those projects?
JH: Wild Oats I did with Shirley MacLaine and Jessica Lange out in Spain. Undrafted is about a baseball team that’s… not good at baseball with Aaron Tveit and Chase Crawford. Both are comedies. Both are coming out this summer… I think!
BW: Last but not least, what is a surprising fact about you that our readers would be interested to know?
JH: I’m half Korean? I’ve been married for over ten years? I used to have super long hair, wear patchwork pants and follow Phish around in high school? Is any of that surprising and/or interesting? 
Photography: Marc Cartwright
Grooming: Patrick Chai with Exclusive Artists

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