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Get ready world… The latinos have arrived to NBC in form of the network’s new comedy Telenovela. It’s bound to be your new favorite series—and for more reasons than one. For starters? Cuban musician/singer-songwriter, Jencarlos Canela, stars as Xavier Castillo, a super hot and super famous actor and apparent ex to Telenovela’s leading lady, Eva Longoria. Get to know the 27-year-old Miami native below before he heats up the screen in this laugh out loud comedy. 


Bello: How did your passion for music begin?

Jencarlos Canela: It began when I was about 7 years of age. My family hosts a party every year on December 16th, and I asked them to let me sing at the party. I was surrounded by music at all times. My dad is a songwriter, and I used to see my older brother sing around the house and there was always live music at our parties. I learned a few songs, and when the big day came, I sang for about 150 of our family and friends, and I became addicted to music and the feeling of performing. We didn’t know anyone in the industry, so my dad would ask the neighbors to let me sing at their parties and backyards became banquet halls, then came festivals, and now we are touring everywhere, and I still feel the same way I did when I was 7, singing for my family in my backyard.

B: How did you transition from musician to actor? And how do you balance doing both?

JC: Some producers saw me singing at a festival and asked me if I knew how to act. They offered me a role as a musician in telenovela pilot, and that’s how it began. I also started doing some musical theatre which allowed me to do both, which I enjoyed. Music is my priority, and it’s who I am. I am a musician that enjoys acting. So I’ll tour for a year and if an acting project comes up that I’m passionate about, I’ll accept the challenge, and once it’s done, begin touring again.

B: We hear you are working on your English album debut. Can you tell us a little bit of what we can expect from the album? From the style of the songs to the subjects you are singing about? Will a tour be following?

JC: Expect music with soul, with emotion, with a heart that beats in different tempos. Music you can move to, lyrics you can listen to. The subjects we are singing about are just real and relatable. Lyrics everyone can identify with. I won’t try and label the music we are doing, but you can definitely hear some of my big influences such as Prince, Michael Jackson; you’ll here my Caribbean influence as well, somewhere in there. Yes, we plan to share our music live with everyone that wants to come out and feel something with us.
B: Going from Latin to American television must be such a different process. How did you get the role in Telenovela?

JC: I feel the stars aligned for this project. They were looking for a singer/actor that came from the telenovela world, and the show takes place in Miami. That’s everything I am. Even though I had to go in and audition for the role like everyone else, I just feel this role was meant for me.
B: Telenovela is different than what we’ve seen before. It closely resembles CWs Jane The Virgin. How do you feel about the new strong Latino presence in Hollywood that’s emerging?

JC: It’s exciting that there are more Latino stories being told on television, however “Telenovela” is very different from “Jane the Virgin.”  Both shows celebrate unique and strong characters.  I have so much respect for the show and their amazing cast, especially my dear friend and someone that I admire tremendously, Jaime Camil.

B: How does working on Telenovela differ from work on an actual Telenovela? 

JC: Ummm… what’s the difference between working on an actual telenovela and working with a bunch of Latinos on “Telenovela”???  Yea, um not much difference lol.
B: What was it like growing up in Miami surrounded by such Deep Cuban culture? 

JC: My Cuban culture is a huge part of who I am. Cubans are happy, social, strong spirited, humble, and loving people. I have a very big family, and we are very united. They are my everything!!
B: We’ve seen a bit of your character. What can fans expect the show to get into? What topics will Telenovela touch on during its first season? 

JC: You hate Xavi in the beginning of this show because all of his flaws are exposed from the beginning, but his evolution as the show progresses is what I love about this character. We will touch subjects such as love, friendship, heartbreak, sex, marriage, and divorce. The everyday situations that we can all relate to, and every character offers a different perspective on it.
B: What is something about you in which your fans may be surprised to know? 

JC:  I am very passionate about our philanthropic work. I feel it is a purpose we all have in common as human beings, to help one another regardless what the color our skin is, what our beliefs are or where we are from. The work we do with the IRC is special to me. “St. Jude’s Children Hospital” and “Live Like Bella” are also two of the foundations we work with helping kids with cancer get a fighting chance to live their lives and potentially change the world. More than ever, we need to send a message of hope and love.


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