Jennette McCurdy Covers BELLO Mag Sexy issue

Jennette McCurdy was photographed by Aleksandar Tomovic and Leslie Alejandro for BELLO mag annual sexy issue.


If you ask us, there’s no sexier time of year than the sultry, long days of mid-summer. So it makes perfect sense that we pack this issue with sexy summer fashion and some of our editors’ most seductive secrets, topping it all off with our sexiest cover spread.

This issue’s captivating cover features none other than the delightful Jennette McCurdy: a talented young lady who personifies smart, funny, beautiful, and dare we say, sexy. Her free-spirited charm and down-to-earth vitality make for the perfect balance between sweet and savory. Jennette’s all-around allure reminds us that sexiness is not just about outward appearances–it’s about humility as much as it’s about confidence, intellect as much as beauty, and compassion as much as passion.

For all these reasons and more, we are exceedingly proud to bring you our second annual Sexy Issue and we thank you all for your ongoing suggestions and ideas. We thrive on our readers’ input and would love to hear from you–what do you consider sexy? Be sure to follow us and tell us what you think @BELLOmag (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, and more).

We wish you a sultry and sexy summer,

Aleksandar Tomovic (Editor in Chief)
Leslie Alejandro (Executive Director)

Jennette McCurdy is All Grown Up

Featured in BELLO mag 2015 Sexy issue #79 – Download BELLO App for free

Nickelodeon has long been an fruitful platform for budding young actors, so it is no wonder that, this powerhouse of youth programming has once again produced some serious talent in the form of Jennette McCurdy. Her list of accomplishments seems endless: actor, producer, screenwriter, singer and songwriter, and more.
Read more in BELLO mag Sexy issue #79.

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