Jeremy De Koste Makes Young Hollywood Dance to His Addictive Beats


There are very few people in los Angeles, that can make Young Hollywood dance, and Jeremy De Koste, is one of them. Recent transplant from France, has successfully ignited a new style of French/British influenced DJ approach to the sound and beat, and the movement is taking over USA.


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Bello: Where is your inspiration coming from, and how influenced are by your travel and  different cultures?
Jeremy: Everywhere I travelled in the world, I get inspired by all the different cultures I encounter. It is very gratifying to explore the world and that definitely influences my  DJ set.

Bello: How long have you been working in Music Business, and what is your best memory?
Jeremy: It has been over 15 years since I have started working in Music Business and I have a lot amazing memories but the best one as a dj, is the  “techno parade” which is one of the biggest street festivals in the world, with over 400,000 people celebrating and listening to electronic music throughout the streets of Paris.

Bello: We have heard that some of young hollywood celebrities obsess over your work. What are the beats that Adelaide Kane and Nolan Gould are dancing to ?
Jeremy: Playing mucic is very similar to cooking! You can have the best ingredients but if you do not have the good recipes the result is not going to taste great. I always try to come up with a really good selection of music mixed with my own productions.  As an Example, Despasito from Luis Fonsi and my last single Moonrocks are really good to have the young Hollywood Celebrities dancing all night long. Nolan Gould even came to my booth at the recent party asking me to show him how to DJ. 

Bello: What style of music is your favorite, and what do you think would be the most popular beat in 2018?
Jeremy: My favorite style of music is definitely deep house, and in my opinion the most popular beat in 2018 is going be a mix of Latino beat and house music. Keep an eye on my really good friend, Dj producer: Willy Williams.

Bello: With Grammy’s coming soon, who should we be looking at as the artist of the year ?
Jeremy: I give my vote to J Balvin.

Bello: As you have worked as DJ/producer on music for TV and Cinema, let us know how did you like that experience?
Jeremy: It's always a really interesting experience adding music to visuals. I have worked for several French TV networks such as M6, MCM,… where I was asked to give my selection of  music video clips every month.  I have also produced some music and DJed for the TV show “The Real House Wives of Beverly Hills” for Bravo TV, where you can see me DJ for their event on the last season as well as the next season coming out in 2018.

Bello: Can you share with us your Apple Music playlist ?
Jeremy: Here is the list, ...
Jeremy De Koste – Moonrocks
Aesso – I wanna know
Tiesto – Summer night
Daya – New
Camila – Havana
Sia – Dusk Till Dawn
Kygo – Stranger things

Bello: What is your upcoming project you are most excited about ?
Jeremy: I recently met a major artist at one of my gigs and we decide to work together on a new EP. I am really happy about that collaboration unfortunately butI can’t say a name yet: it is going to be a big surprise. I wil keep you posted.

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