Joeffer Caoc F/W 2012

Sometimes the creations seen on the runway aren’t made for daily life. A show is great, but people eventually have to wear real clothes. That’s where Joeffer Caoc comes into play. Known as one of Canada’s top women’s contemporary designers, he continually turns out beautifully made collections, season after season.

Entitled “Remix,” Caoc claimed his inspiration was that of a rocker chick who eventually grew up (but still has that edge to her), although the collection more clearly referenced a warrior.

Silhouettes were buttoned to the top, clung to the hip, and used peplums to define waistlines. Showing little skin until the knee, there was an occasional keyhole or cowl neck, and all wrapped up with a studded belt. Matte sequins appeared to be like armour, thickly loomed wools and leathers weaved through a colour spectrum of ochre, browns, moss, and burnished gold.

The final, Dynasty-like gown felt a bit out of touch with the rest of the collection. Then again, Alexis Colby was one of the most powerful women in TV; the perfect combination of a strong woman who was also a fierce(ly) protective mother.

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Written by Steven Carver

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