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Summer never lasts long enough. For those want to stretch out those scant three months, the scent of the beach – salty and crisp – is one of the ways that can take you back to those warmer days.

With that being said, John Varvatos’ Artisan Blu is the ultimate embodiment of crystal blue waters under the sun. Traditional John Varvatos fragrances veer towards the masculine – musk, leather and smoke being the typical notes – but Artisan Blu is an aquatic take on the previous Artisan and Artisan Acqua fragrances.

Top notes feature bergamot, bitter orange, fresh lavender, chayote (edible fruit from the family of melons and cucumbers), basil – fresh and green. The heart incorporates palmarosa, French clary sage, Egyptian geranium, Florentine iris, orange blossom absolute (think of these as masculine florals). And the base combines patchouli, cedarwood, parasol pine, tamarisk, pistachio tree resin; woody notes.

The attention to detail and craftsmanship is brought to life in the packaging, with each bottle being handcrafted from natural materials, fisherman-like net motifs, and topped with an antiqued cap and engraved tag – a one-of-a-kind creation.

This citrus aromatic fragrance evokes a seaside lost in the Mediterranean summer. A quick spritz is all you need to take you back during the rest of the year.

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