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Last week, the long awaited relase of CBS’s new cop drama, Golden Boy finally arrived. Introducing, some new faces to prime-time, but in the case of Kevin Alejandro–reintroducing the star into our living rooms. With notable stints on Ugly Betty, Southland, and as Jesus the brujo on HBO’s True Blood, Alejandro enters a different realm with his take on the role of Dectective Christian Arroyo.  

BelloWatch caught up with him and the 36-year old actor gaves us some dirt on what’s to come for primtime’s newest detectives. 

One of the notable plot points in the pilot episode was the tension at the worplace between Arroyo (Kevin Alejandro) and Detective Owen (Chi McBride).

“We can expect that through every episode throughout this season. It’s not just one circumstance, all these others come into play. It’s a pretty big season of emotions.”  the on-screen crime-solver told BelloWatch. 

We also got a lot of face-time with the golden boy himself Walter Clark (Theo James), dealing with family issues like his teen angst ridden sister (Stella Maeve) but no so much backstory on the rest of the gang. Luckily, Alejandro assured us that this will change.  

“You’ll get opportunities to become attached to each one of the characters.” He said regarding the detective’s home lives. “We all have sort of our own episodes. Where it explains whom we are, where we come from, and why we do the things we do. I think we do a really good job at going beyond the key elements.”  

*Sigh* I hear the sounds of good TV already. 

“Each character is different from the way I approach them. It depends how much of me is really in these characters” Said Alejandro on playing Detective Christian Arroyo.”


“I prepared as much as I could for this one as I did for Southland–with learning police tactics and stuff like that. Whereas I did a complete different form of research when it came True Blood, with witchcraft and stuff like that, and figuring out what that was all about. So each role to me is a clean slate. A new challenge that I’m trying to go through; each one is handled the way it supposed to with respect to each character.”

Tonight, Golden Boy kicks off in full swing with its second episode. And among other things, Kevin Alejandro without spoiling things, gave us some insight into 

“I think it starts to unfold. It really sets you up for what’s coming in the season. All I have to say is really pay attention to little things because they might be revisited in a later episode.”

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