Key Pieces for Timeless Style

Fashion trends may come and go, but there are certain elements of style that stand the test of time. Though it’s fun to try new fads, it’s important to keep quality fundamentals in your closet to extend your look through the centuries. Here are some key pieces that should be present in every closet.

The Trench Coat

The trench coat is a staple piece in any wardrobe. This type of coat elongates the body and adds a crisp sense of professionalism to a look. A full-length trench coat is useful for warmth, but a knee-length is most flattering, especially when thrown over a dress or skirt of similar length. Khaki is a classic coat color, but black and charcoal are also popular choices. For a bold and fiery flare, you might consider adding an accent color such as brick red to your collection.

Trench coats look great with knee-high boots but can be worn with classic pumps or a pair of pants as well. Pay attention to details such as the number and placement of buttons, belt placement, collar width, and pockets. Such details can make or break the look and quickly express the quality of the overall design.



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The Floral Scarf

Scarves are perfect additions to every outfit. Heavier knit scarves provide warmth during colder seasons, and light cotton fabrics add a breeziness to spring and summer wear. Floral scarves, in particular, can add a touch of femininity to an otherwise boyish outfit. They can also introduce pattern to solid colors and tie multi-colored attire together. Bolder mavens may even pair floral scarves with patterned shirts or dresses to complete an intentionally mismatched look.

Floral scarves make excellent traveling accessories and stuff easily into purses and office desk drawers for emergency outfit refreshers. They also pair nicely with classic trench coats, denim jackets, straight-cut blazers, and leather.

The Wristwatch

Even in the digital age where smartphones and tiny electronic devices disguised as jewelry monitor and operate your life, nothing compares to the reliability and classic appeal of the wristwatch. The wristwatch symbolizes prestige and sophistication and turns ordinary looks into timeless masterpieces.

Choose a simple design as your go-to accessory. Traditional gold and silver watches never go out of style, but unique rose gold and black varieties add a modern flare without appearing trendy. The bandwidth and watch diameter should be proportional to your wrist, hand, and arm length. There’s no need for spectacular diamonds or fine jewels. Just a simple, basic wristwatch made by a reputable designer will set your entire look apart from the crowd.

The Heels

The wrong footwear can completely ruin a look. There is no point in pairing a smart outfit with a dingy pair of flats or a gorgeous sundress with fraying strappy sandals. Though shoes are known to be a woman’s best friend, you don’t need many pairs to create classic looks that make you feel and look amazing.

You need a standard pair of comfortable black pumps to wear to work, dinner, and business events. You also want to keep a pair of strappy black heels for dates, weddings, and holiday parties. From there, consider adding a pair of nude ankle strap heels to your shoe rack. Nudes are perfect for professional and casual wear, and they elongate the legs when worn with skirts and dresses. Ankle straps also add an element of sexiness and sleekness to an otherwise drab outfit.

The Studs

Oversized, gaudy jewelry can be fun, but more minimalist accessories create a more timeless appeal. Smaller accessories like diamond studs and thin gold chains add elegance and luminescence without taking attention away from the overall look. Streamlined earrings, necklaces, and bracelets blend well with classic attire and can be worn for any occasion.

Stick to the basics while starting your collection, and don’t rely on fashion trends to dictate the design. Focus on classic cuts and high-quality times over flashy pieces that won’t translate through time.

Is Your Wardrobe Timeless or Stuck in Time?

There’s a big difference between timeless style and being stuck in time. The former is always more flattering. When building your capsule wardrobe, choose key pieces that blend well with a variety of looks and add instant class and elegance. Remember, fashion is fickle, but superb style lasts forever.

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