Kitchen or Bath: Prioritizing Renovations for Your Luxury Home

After you’ve purchased your home and lived in it for a while, the itch to make some changes seems to follow. Home renovations can help turn an old house that needs some TLC into a modern, luxury, humble abode that you’re happy to come back to every day. If you’re thinking of renovating your home, however, you may be wondering where in the world to start. The kitchen and the bathroom happen to be two of the most popular rooms in a home to renovate, but even choosing between the two can cause confusion.

Though it would be great to be able to renovate both rooms, most don’t have the time and/or the budget to do them simultaneously. If you happen to fall into this category, don’t worry, as there are some factors you can use to determine which room you should start renovating first.

Start with Your Budget

Both kitchen and bath remodels ordinarily require the assistance of professional contractors. You’ll obviously need to have the money to pay for services rendered. Therefore, the first factor to take into consideration is the cost of a kitchen or bathroom remodel. The 2017 national average cost to remodel a kitchen is just under $22,000 and for a bath almost $10,000. Of course, this is dependent upon the extent of the renovation and the materials used. Any job can be far lower or far, far more expensive. How much you can afford to spend, or simply how much you want to spend, has an obvious impact on where to start.

Consider Return on Investment

Whether you’re thinking about selling your home soon or not, every renovation you complete is an investment in your property. Many renovations can increase the property value. Therefore, you may want to consider the return you’ll receive for completing a kitchen renovation verses a bathroom remodel. A kitchen, for instance, will provide a range of 65 to 85 percent return on investment while a bathroom remodel will barely get you 50 percent return. So, if you’re looking for more value, a luxury kitchen might go ahead of a bathroom.

Both kitchen and bath remodels ordinarily require the assistance of professional contractors. You’ll obviously need to take out a loan like this one here or have the money to pay for services rendered.

Necessity or Current Condition

Sometimes the look of a room can be a dead giveaway as to which project needs to go first. Take a look at your kitchen and bathroom. Which is in the worst condition? Which do you need fixed/upgraded more? If your bathroom, for instance has a ton of plumbing issues and a moldy shower wall, but your kitchen just has dated cabinets, it is likely beneficial for you to choose a bathroom remodel over your kitchen renovation.


How long will it take to complete a kitchen renovation verses a bathroom remodel? In most instances, it will take a lot longer to finish a kitchen than it would a bathroom. So, if you’re pressed for time, or don’t want to be inconvenienced for that long, it’s probably best that you go with a quicker solution like a bathroom renovation.


What most homeowners don’t consider about home renovations is the inconvenience they cause. When under construction, there may come times when you’re unable to access that room or surrounding areas in your home. When considering the factor of time, add that to the inconvenience. Not having access to the kitchen for a month could cause more issues for a large family as opposed to going a few weeks without being able to use the shower or get to the bathroom sink.

Selling Points

If you are completing home renovations with the hopes of selling your house, then you should make your decision based on the demand in the area and needs of the buyers. Look at comparable homes in the area to see which rooms they’ve renovated to determine what might be a must have improvement in your home. If you have an okay kitchen that could pass with a fresh coat of paint and new cabinet handles, but you have a bathroom that most won’t want to step in at an open house, renovate the bathroom to appeal to the buyers. Remember, potential buyers will have their own criteria to decide what the “perfect home” actually is.

Making good decisions when it comes to renovating your home are imperative. Choosing without considering the above-mentioned factors could result in a lot more drama than it’s worth. By considering the budget, your personal conveniences, the return on investment and/or the needs of the buyers you should have no problems making an informed decision on where to start.


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