Korhani F/W 2012

On the hit reality show, Project Runway, contestants are often required to design/produce a fashion look with obscure materials. They can be a challenge, to say the least. Think it’s nearly impossible to fashion a dress out of home accessories? Think again.

Korhani is a renowned home decor brand that has been offering a rugs, cushions, furniture and floor wear since 1902 at over 2,000 retailers. The show at fashion week wasn’t about creating couture, but to make a point that fashion wasn’t the only stylish thing that surrounds you.

With inspirations like Genghis Khan, English Punk, and an Italian-ite Versailles, the runway turned carpets into costumes. The first theme took it to the mountains, with sherpas wearing “Mongolian fur” hats, oversized coats and multiple layers to keep warm. Next, rebels from the 70’s wore miniskirts and kilts in plaid and houndstooth patterns; an FU to society. Lastly, the Versace mansion by way of the Renaissance influenced produced capes and coats, panniers and peplums.

If seen from afar (or by squinting), the pieces can be easily appreciated for their shape and construction. Up close, they’re obviously rugs. The ‘fabrics’ are stiff and weaves are thick; very little flexibility. Then again, they’re rugs.

It’s true that you can make something out of nothing, even if it is something as ordinary as floor coverings. Hopefully, no one will get any ideas and attempt to replicate these looks at home.

Article by Steven Carver

Photos courtesy of Steve Alkok (www.stevealkok.com).

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