Just a month after releasing their first free download, “Take Me Tonight” as a sneak peek to their upcoming Crime Novela EP, the LA based duo, HE MET HER have pulled together a video for their first official single, “Control.” MTV’s Buzzworthy and the Logo Channel have quickly picked up the video to premiere this week. MTV notes, “In the video for “Control” by He Met Her, no surface is safe from the L.A.-based disco-pop duo’s super-fierce sexiness.” The track has been embraced at radio as well, debuting its first week as the #4 most added on the RPM charts. It will be available via iTunes this week.

Video Link:

The video features the stunning male female duo of Mowgli Moon and Rocky Chance in certain compromising positions; a testament to their risque personalities they are quickly becoming known for. At any given moment they can be found having fun, pushing boundaries and taking chances whether it be in their music, their videos or in their everyday lives.

When asked about the song and video, it is clear that He Met Her went into both the recording and video shoot with specific intentions that ended up even exceeding their own expectations. “The song was a dream to make. We wanted it all to feel a bit french riviera, fun in the sun & pure full liberation. This all in contrast with the simple word CONTROL was where the idea for the video came in. There was this Bonnie & Clyde-esque flirty feel that we were trying to revive with the fervent effect of two people apprehensively enamored with each other. We filmed through the night at a rundown charming hotel in the north San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. The day turning into night into day again was an eerie & pleasing event! We are super excited to share the video with everyone!”

The video and a behind the scenes look at the making of it can be found here:
Control video:

Control BTS:

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