Label F/W 2012

Fashion can be a mindf**k at times and it’s a surprise more designers don’t use it as a form of progressive therapy. Interestingly enough, the designers behind Label, Shawna Robinson and Natalie Sydoruk, were inspired by psychoanalysis and the movie “Girl, Interrupted” for their F/W 2012 collection and even presented a short film entitled “A Dangerous Mind” during its debut.

Mostly comprised of separates, the Label line is designed for women of all shapes and sizes. The black, grey, heathered green, inky blue (with one flash of red) and a Rorschach-type inkblot prints (calling Dr. Freud!) perfectly melded into one another. Flashes of black leather and sheer panels of chiffon were bipolar additions to the many jersey pieces.

Naming the separates after psychological terms was a quirky idea that would only sound odd if said out loud. The “Angst” cape, “Choke” dress (an LBD with a chiffon top) and “Regression” top (with a detachable leather panel on the back) were all winners. On the other hand, the “Bipolar Leggings” and the “Submission Top” (with X’s over breasts) were for the brave, and the “Fetish” dress also didn’t need small leather fins on the hips (no woman wants to draw attention there).

What’s best? All the separates retail for under $400, with most pieces in the $150 to $200 range so there’s no need to call the psychiatrist over that kind of behavior.

Written by Steven Carver

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