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Model/Actor Levi Stocke is definitely not one to let opportunity pass him by… Featured in Campaigns with Diesel, Levi’s Jeans,Equinox “Made me do it” International publication along with many commercials, like the Sprint Super bowl commercial, are just a few to name that helped his social media networks gain momentum. Finding ways to utilize the social platforms has now opened a whole new direction to pursue his dreams and passions.

How and when did the collaboration with Apothecary 87 come into the picture?

This really has been a journey from the start. They contacted me over a year ago to see if I had an interest in partnering for a signature hair product. Things really fell into place quick on the direction we wanted to go, and they decided the Clay Pomade would be the best choice for the needs that I was looking for. I was very adamant about this product being something I would not just promote but something I myself would use every day. The most time consuming was the scent and development which took a year to perfect. Sample after sample was sent over until we got it right, and that is the formula that became known as “Lock, Stocke & Barrel”.
Where can we find “Lock, Stocke & Barrel” Clay Pomade?
You can order directly right now from http://www.apothecary87.co.uk which ships worldwide and also many of your local barbershops and salon retailers are stocking their shelves for the beginning of 2016.
Anything else we are missing or how can we stay tuned in with what is next for Levi Stocke?
Actually yes! I also have a jewelry line “STOCKE & SEPASYAR” (StockeSepasyar.com) that is available now. You can stay up to date with everything that is going on via social media : Instagram : @LevistockeSnapchat : levistocketwitter : @levistocke


Photography: Patrick Chai
Grooming: Patrick Chai for Exclusive Artists Management using Apothecary87
Talent: Levi Stocke @ LA Models


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