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Seating the front row at some of the most coveted runway shows during Fashion Week can be a difficult task. Well, if you’re not Louise Roe, that is. The UK-born beauty crossed the pond over 8 years ago to bring some of that effortlessly chic style onto our TV screens, and has not stopped ever since. Roe has become the epitome of the easy-going and savvy fashion expert who can nail every single look from head to toe.
Her sense of style is tailored but relaxed, romantic with a touch of edge, and always on-trend. In one word: eclectic. This open minded attitude has allowed her to play with colors, textures, patterns and vibes, and different hairstyle and makeup looks without ever looking like anything but herself. When you see her on the red carpet for Access Hollywood or E!, she is always polished and elegant; however, Roe manages to look as if everything fits with her persona in an organic manner.


You never get the feeling that she is trying to impress anyone, or working hard to overdo any look. From TLC’s Styled By Jury to NBC’s Fashion Star to CW’s Plain Jane, she has made audiences across the world fall in love with her. Now with a new style book, Front Roe, Roe is ready to take her career to the next level. She continues to demonstrate her talent and creative vision through successful design and continuing to be a style guru for celebrities.

By staying true to her bubbly and approachable personality, Roe has risen to the front row of entertainment and established herself as an important voice in the fashion industry. She has become a beloved social media influencer with well over a million followers, and has progressively grown into an inspiration for girls everywhere!

Dee Trillo: You have a passion for TV, but also for writing. What do you enjoy the most about each of them?
Louise Roe: I’m really glad I still get to do both. There’s a nice balance. Getting all glammed up and reporting live from the red carpet is such a buzz, and I’m full of adrenaline. Then I get to have my Carrie Bradshaw moments writing a magazine column or blog post in my PJ’s with a cup of tea, which is much more relaxing. Both are creative in different ways, but I do love having control of my blog and the subjects I cover. I started Front Roe nearly a year ago, because I missed the editorship side of when I worked in magazines

Tell us about your new book, The Front Roe. How was the process of creating the concept and publishing?
I had the idea for Front Roe years ago, and have been making notes in one giant folder since. I realized I was getting asked a lot of questions over social media or on makeover shows, and I wanted there to be one, cohesive place where I could answer them all! I also enjoyed talking about my career and family, more personal stuff I’ve never revealed before. I was extremely hands on: I wrote the book in six months, I shot all the photography and insisted on proofreading it too, and I think I am a control freak! But I wanted the whole thing to be perfect; no spelling mistakes!

Plain Jane gave you a platform to promote empowerment and self-esteem. Was that an inspiration for the book?
Absolutely. Plain Jane was such an impactful show; it was more about women and their confidence, in the end, than just fashion. The link between self-esteem and how you dress is very important in my opinion. So I wanted Front Roe to give practical ideas for how to find your own sense of style, how to express your personality through what you wear, and how to dress for moments when you need major confidence, like job interviews and first dates.

What are the three things you want readers to take away from your style guide, Front Roe?
Overall, I’d like readers to take away a feeling of empowerment and inspiration. The final chapter is called “How to be kind to yourself,” and I wrote it because I think we’re very hard on ourselves. We can champion our friends so easily, but when it comes to championing ourselves, we get stuck. Another huge part is finding your own unique style, and figuring out your body shape. Once you know how to dress your silhouette, clothes really begin to work to your advantage. Finally, there is a really effective secret recipe for my skin glowing smoothie, which tastes yummy! I talk about feeding your skin from the inside out, and this drink truly makes a difference within one week. Try it!

As a fashion expert, you are on the pulse of new trends. What are your favorites for the spring and summer seasons?
I love everything fringed. Tassels on bags and jackets are cute. I just got a black fringed bag from Meli Melo and I wear it everywhere. All the sorbet tones are really popping too: pistachio, lemon, peach. They look cool dressed down with faded denim and espadrilles.

What are your must-have buys for a functional and versatile wardrobe?
A trench coat will last you a lifetime. Great skinny jeans: I love the high-waisted ones from Anine Bing right now. Big shades. Asos and Topshop have some cool pairs. And a tailored navy blazer. My favorite is from Reiss; it has a thin lapel and the hem falls low on the thigh. Very chic over a simple cotton tee and leather skirt.

As far as accessories, what are your go-to statement and staple pieces?
I tend to make a statement with bright or printed shoes, so I’m always on the lookout for those. Senso is my favorite brand at the moment. And stacking delicate gold jewelry. Wanderlust + Co has some gorgeous midi rings and bangles.

What does your beauty and skincare routine consist of?
I try to do an at-home peel once a week with Kate Somerville’s peel, followed by a hydrating Eve Lom mask. Caudelie makes a great face cleanser. I love Sisley’s night cream, and in the day I always add Jouer’s primer and Lancôme’s tinted moisturizer with SPF to my Nars foundation.

Share with us some quick and easy makeup and hairstyle tricks for a flawless look.
I whip up a little makeup cocktail! And for hair, I recently cut mine so now to style it I use Tresemme Sea foam while it’s damp, and then add one bend to the hair with my straighteners (I find this works better than a curling iron). Then a spritz of dry shampoo to give it that thick texture.

What have been some of your most memorable red carpet gowns?
I loved the blue printed Monique L’Huillier dress I wore to the Oscars this year. She is a genius; her dresses are so dramatic but still comfy. I also loved the red lace dress I wore to the Golden Globes the year before. That was also by Monique. I just felt bright and elegant.

If you could only be on one social media platform, which one would it be and why?
Instagram. It’s quick and visual and you can also buy clothes from it through the genius account, LikeToKnowIt. I love having a dialogue with my followers and am always answering their questions (and asking them some too). Follow me @LouiseRoe!

It has been a journey for you as far as moving from the UK to the US. What do you miss about home, and what do you love about living in the US?
I love LA so much. The lifestyle is outdoorsy, the sun shines every day and on the weekends you can hit the beach, the mountains or the desert, all within a couple hours’ drive. It’s awesome for road trips. But I do miss my family and best friends in England, and I miss the pubs, the tea and, occasionally, the rainy days (she laughs).

What similarities and differences do you find between the European and American styles?
European style is a little more subdued. French and Italian women will often wear a simple, paired down look of jeans, flat loafers and a white shirt, but the way they roll the sleeves, pop their collar, or stack their jewelry gives them this innate chic. In California there’s a lot of bright color and print, which I love.

What are some of the life lessons you have learned along the way?
I’ve learned that women can either be cheerleaders or mean girls to each other. We have a choice. In my career I’ve been lucky enough to learn from incredible, inspiring mentors, and in turn it makes me want to help other young women in any way I can, whether that’s through makeovers or mentorships. I now work as ambassador to Step Up Women’s Network. It’s a charity that helps underprivileged high school girls meet their goals, so we go in and talk about resumes, college applications, how to nail an interview, etc. I’ve also learned that old friends are the gold ones: people who know you through and through and can call you out on things that happened over a decade ago! Having your priorities straight in this crazy showbiz town is crucial too. Yes, it’s awesome to get that big job or to dance at that fancy party, but your family and friends, and the little moments you share with them, are what you’ll really remember and treasure in 20 years’ time.


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