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Travis Van Winkle, Brett Claywell

Travis Van Winkle, Brett Claywell

Travis Van Winkle and his cohort of loyal friends put on an awesome display at the Microsoft Lounge, Venice beach on Sunday 6th March.

Travis Van Winkle and Brett Claywell took to the stage to host this quite beautiful event. The 5-hour LoveLife:LiveStream Hollywood Talent Show was created to raise money in order to build three schools in Senegal, Africa with buildOn in 2016. This was a first-time collaboration between buildOn and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles. Travis holds these two charities very close to his heart, “they are an important piece of my life”.

In order to support and promote this event, Travis and his talented and passionate group of friends engaged in lip sync battles, improv ‘compliment’ rap battles, singing performances and some mind-blowing dance routines. It was a day filled with inspiration, fun, community, talent, comedy, surprises, special guests and love, so much love!

Andy Grammer and Rachel Platten were two of the many sensational performers at the event. These two, along with Ben Singer will build one school in Senegal. Katharine McPhee, who donated a hugely generous $30,000 during her performance, will build another school with the help of her friends. Lastly, Travis will be taking Six Little’s and Six Big’s from the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles to build the third and final school.

I think one of the highlights of the event for everyone was seeing Travis Van Winkle dress up as J Lo, which included a luscious brunette wig, an offensively short pink tracksuit number and giant, Kim Kardashian style butt pads. I think he secretly liked it too. “You know what, I think it just shows I will go to any length to reach a goal and to make other peoples lives’ better. Clearly, cross-dressing is on that list! I really enjoy putting myself out there in a silly way and making people laugh. Before going on, I couldn’t help but look at myself in the dressing room mirror with my enormous butt pads and laugh at the ridiculousness that was ME!”

As if that wasn’t enough, Justin Baldoni and Emily Baldoni performed a flawless rendition of a medley of Grease songs. From the slicked back hair to the racecars, a tight black cat suit and Pink Lady jackets, they absolutely nailed the sequence. It was one of Travis’ favorites too, “I loved the lip sync battles! It was really entertaining for me to watch Justin and Emily do their thing and bring little Maiya in at the end. All of us are really good friends, so to see them step up and choreograph a lip sync for a good cause, really touched me.”

However, the Baldoni’s weren’t the only ones stealing the show. “I loved the improv group ‘Resistance’ with my man Derrick Mears, who played Jason in Friday the 13th, he was hilarious! Then there was a strangely odd performance between my friends Matt Moy and Eugene Kim in a version of Romeo and Juliette like you’ve never seen. It must have been the unseen rough draft before the final draft or something! So many great performances!”

The day’s event may have run seamlessly but there was tremendous preparation behind the scenes and ahead of the big day. “It was about 3 months of planning and a lot of pieces had to come together to make it happen. Luckily I have a lot of really talented friends who love to be of service. You give them a good cause to show up for and they show up full force ready to go!! We like to give back in any way we can and hopefully that inspires others to do good. This event is a testament to the capacity my friends have and it was such a blast to raise money for a great cause in a fun, creative way.”

Overall it was an amazing day with really inspiring people who genuinely aspire to make a difference. The goal was to raise $100,00 and thanks to everyone’s unfaltering efforts, they reached it! There were only three words Travis needed to sum up the event… “COLLABORATIVE. EXCITING. LOVE.”

Also special thanks to Chelsea Lauren for capturing this beautiful event!

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