Making Good Choices In Luxury Home Design

Building a home is an exciting prospect. Knowing that you have complete control of every last detail provides a freedom you can never capture when you buy an existing home. That level of control can also be overwhelming, leaving you paralyzed with uncertainty when faced with a massive number of options for every last feature.

While some people relish that opportunity, others have a hard time with it. Most of the people who find themselves struggling in this situation are in one of two groups: Those who go with neutrals on everything, and those who make spot decisions and regret them later.

If you’re building a luxury home and have begun to feel some anxiety about how to design things, consider some of these strategies for working through these processes in a systematic way.

Think Durability First

Many of the features you include in a luxury home will be high-end, high-quality components. But you need to look beyond the immediate selling points and think about long-term durability. After all, even if the cost of replacement weren’t important, you still have considerable inconvenience and mess associated with renovations.

Functional items come up first in this category. For example, buying stainless steel doors for outdoor kitchens instead of doors made of other materials will ensure that they will not only retain their original shape and functionality, but that frequent opening and closing will not leave you with the hassle of replacement in a few years. The same is true of windows, doors, and anything else with moving parts, and it also applies to the areas with the heaviest traffic from people, pets, and vehicles.

Create Harmony

The various design elements of a home should work together. Whether you’re in a Tudor or an Italian villa, you should have some consistency with that theme throughout the home. When you don’t, you end up with a home that looks disjointed, like someone just bought the most expensive of everything and put it all in the same house.

Generating a harmonious look requires the input of professionals. Not only are home design experts thoroughly trained and experienced in how things should look, they’re also a fresh set of eyes. We’ve all had to comb through dozens of choices on things and found ourselves thinking they all look the same. A good designer will break that gridlock and boil choices down to a manageable number.

Work In Stages

Perhaps the most common trap that you may fall into is occupying your mind with too many decisions at the same time. As you struggle to choose your windows, you may find your thinking clouded by concerns about paint colors. While both of these decisions will eventually have to be made, you need to take a step back and think about the stages of construction.

Windows are an early step, installed shortly after the home is under roof. That leaves weeks and weeks before it will be time for painters to start, meaning there’s no reason to get stressed out about paint just yet. Keep your decisions on a list, and build a timeline that reminds you of when each component needs to be settled. Be sure to incorporate delivery time for any custom-ordered items, and consult with your contractor to determine the exact timeline for your to-do list.

Building a home is a massive undertaking, even with simple plans and designs. It is easy to make mistakes in your choices as the process moves along, so it pays to have a strategy for managing all those decisions. This allows you to focus on making the home an accurate representation of your personality and lifestyle.

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