Mercedes Masöhn moves to 666 Park Avenue

Mercedes Masohn is a Swedish-American actress who had a guest-starring role on “Return to Queens Blvd,” the Season 5 finale of Entourage, playing Vince’s ex-girlfriend from Queens. Last year she was on The Finder (Fox) and also on the cover of BELLO mag #34.

But the last night we really had fun watching her on 666 Park Avenue premier and she was sexy, charming and amazing. The show it self is an amazing sunday evening horror/drama airing right after Revenge and playing a perfect replacement for Brothers and Sisters.

Here bellow we are republishing Mercedes’ interview from BELLO mag. Enjoy, …

Originally hailing from Sweden, Mercedes Masohn continues to gain r
ecognition for her work as an actress, most notably from her parents.  With her film ‘Three Veils’ garnering praise as it circulates the film festival circuit and her current role of Deputy U.S. Marshal Isabel Zambad on the television series ‘The Finder’ (Fox), it’s safe to say we’ll be finding a lot more of Mercedes in the future.  

How supportive were your parents when you started acting a shortly after they moved you from Sweden to America?
My parents are super old-school. To them, a person is only successful if they are a doctor or a lawyer. As a doctor, I’m sure I’d accidentally cut my own fingers off the first time I had a scalpel and as an attorney, my only argument style in court would be to berate the judge and then slam the door as I ran off crying to my room. Neither of which would make me very successful.

So needless to say, my parent were NOT keen on the idea of me being an actress. I’m pretty sure my mom cried. My dad slammed a couple of doors. But now they are starting to understand my passion and drive.

Do you consider yourself a good finder? What’s the most embarrassing thing you have lost?
I am a TERRIBLE finder! I lose things all the time! I think part of being a good finder is having a great memory or at least a sense of mental organization in addition to the ability to decipher where something could be hidden…..let’s just say half the time I walk into a room I stand there hoping to “find” the reason why I entered. Also…I find my car keys in the fridge…. A LOT.

What else are you working on? Where can we see you next?
Well, I have a couple films coming out….one in particular has been doing really well in the film festival circuit, winning several awards…it’s called Three Veils and it’s about the plights of three different middle eastern women. I also have a couple of other projects in the making, but being as this industry is ever changing, I’d like to complete them before I discuss them.

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