Miss American Horror – Alexandra Breckenridge By Benny Haddad For BELLO Mag Beauty

Featured in Bello Mag #52 November 2013 Holiday Issue.


Returning to TV screens this fall is Alexandra Breckenridge, and oh how she was missed on FX’s American Horror Story…but not just by viewers; she missed getting her hands dirty (and maybe a little bloody) too. Ditching that maid’s outfit from season one, she’s excited to switch it up this time around. While happy to be back on the set of Coven, the horror series’ third installment, the Connecticut native has been busying herself with more roles, more voiceover gigs, and keeping particularly mum about an indie project she’s releasing next year. Naturally, we had to catch up with her.

Photography Benny Haddad
MakeUp Nicole Walmsley
Hair Jen Blanchard


How has it been, returning to the American Horror Story fold?

“It’s fantastic! I love being able to work with everyone again. I really like this season. It’s dark but fun at the same time, and with so many amazing women on the show this year, I feel really lucky to be able to be a part of it.”

I hear you have a few other acting gigs in motion at the moment. Anything you can tell us?

“I’m doing an indie film next year with my best friend Whitney Able. It just got the rest of the funding needed through Kickstarter, so I’m excited for that. I did do another film this year, but unfortunately I’m not allowed to talk about it yet. It’s based on an online series so they want to keep it quiet until it’s released.”

Is there a different work style when you’re recording voiceovers for Family Guy compared to when you’re being filmed on other sets?

“Very different. The inflection in your voice is the important thing with voiceover, so that’s really what I’m focused on.”

Do you ever find yourself in surreal moments when seeing yourself on screen?

“I’ve had moments where I was surprised it was me I was seeing.  I’m so unlike most of the people I play.”

Do you think maintaining a certain look or image is important to your career?

“It might be, but I haven’t really been concerned about it yet.”

How do you find transforming into characters who are completely unlike you? Do hair, makeup, and wardrobe help you settle into a character’s shoes?

“It all helps me get into a character. Hair, makeup, and wardrobe put you in the shoes of the role – literally. So then it’s up to you to find that person’s rhythm.”

Does playing certain characters become therapeutic for you?

“I wouldn’t say it has for me. I don’t really think of it that way. I try to be as true to the character as I can in that moment so it’s not about me anymore. Having to do extremely emotional scenes can leave me a little more sensitive than I usually am for a few days, but I think that’s more of me taking my work home as opposed to getting certain traits out of my system.”



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I absolutely loved her role as the ‘sexy’ maid in the first season of AHS and I hope she will be back next year, along with Dylan McDermott …


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