Missoni Summer 2014 Campaign With Christy Turlington & Vincent LaCrocq


Here is a look at Missoni Summer 2014 campaign shot in Tenerife, Canary Islands, by Dutch artist Viviane Sassen with Christy Turlington and French model Vincent LaCrocq.










Standing against the backdrop of a red rocky and torrid landscape. Which is marked by the dark graphic infinite line of the road. And by the uniform endless blue of a perfectly windswept sky.

Christy Turlington Burns is the exceptional protagonist of the Summer 2014 campaign, shot in Tenerife by Dutch artist Viviane Sassen. Eminent but ever up-to-date, unmistakable and utterly sophisticated, the top model perfectly interprets the timeless, iconic quality of Missoni fashion, summarizing the key features of this Summer collection. A collection articulating graphic lines, designer fringes and archival logo prints with pop landscapes and references to the alchemical elements of nature, revisiting and reinventing the extraordinary exotic elegance of women in saris and sarongs.

A master of color who eloquently imbues her imagines with symbolic and mysterious implications, Sassen has privileged the synthesis, the static and silhouetted poses of “classic” billboards. Making that body’s attitude interact with large Plexiglas elements in digital tones, which give the past an indefinable and uncommon futuristic quality. These graphic modules take up different letters of the alphabet and, frame after frame, they compose the MISSONI name, referring to the vintage “logo” retrieved and elaborated in some models and accessories of this Summer 2014 collection.

By adding her unmistakable and instantly recognizable features to every garment and picture in this campaign, Christy highlights the iconic, timeless attitude of Missoni fashions. By turning the shooting in a sequence of different points of view, each catching a single ever-different way of being. Featured by model Vincent Lacrocq, the men’s collection too has been turned by Sassen in a multifaceted sequence of portraits, taken against more neutral backgrounds and emphasizing the details of each photographed outfit.

Sassen’s childhood is linked to memories of Kenya, where she lived between the ages of three and six. And if her art picture are inspired by memories of that period that merge dark and vivid, amidst shadows and colors, turning the loss of her homeland in a poetic resource. Even working as a fashion photographer seem to offer her parallel and equally intriguing opportunities, further successful occasions of testing and experiencing the relationship between real and imagery.


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