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Trying to keep the creative vision alive for a name like Balenciaga is no easy task, but Georgian Demna Gvasalia almost makes it look easy. After taking on a reputable brand during a time when the fashion world was seeking to start over again and brands got lost in the mix, Gvasalia brought the fun back into fashion with his unique visions for Balenciaga.

After years of success with his award-winning collection Vetements, based in Paris, he decided after working with Balenciaga to move to a new city, Zurich, so that the brands could get a fresh start. Part of Gvasalia entire mission was to bring new life into the fashion world especially at Balenciaga, a fashion icon who had been on the cutting-edge of couture for years. So, considering that he has a completely fresh start in a completely new city is insurance that any Balenciaga clothing will be fashion-forward for a time to come.

Fashion critics have called his latest additions fashion successes not just because they continue in the spirit of brand founder Cristòbal Balenciaga, but because they are perfect for the world of high-fashion. They are a balance of edge and simplicity without being too sharp or too boring for the crowd, and this perfect balance favors neither men’s nor women’s clothing. All across the board, Gvasalia has put equal care and attention into every look that he creates.

Every season, year after year, Gvasalia maintains a consistent approach towards his looks without becoming monotonous. Never a believer in reviving vintage looks so as to keep with the Balenciaga philosophy of modernism, he chooses instead to reinvent classical pieces with edgy twists so that one winter never looks like another winterand one summer never looks like another summer. This is refreshing from brands who recycle looks and call them vintage seasons just because their creative team cannot come up with anything new and inventive to offer the world.

Though his reinventions blend well with the world at large, Gvasalia seeks his inspiration from those closest to him and from inward reflection. This strategy stands apart from other brands in that it does not look like any other design. Balenciaga looks like Balenciaga, unlike other collaborative or more outward brands that run the risk of looking like run of the mill, high fashion street clothes, which is the newest and most popular market for designers to get in on these days.

He also stand out in that Balenciaga is not a company that sells out. While other designers in this age of collaboration have chosen to embark on new paths together, Balenciaga continues to stand alone at the forefront of design, not sacrificing their philosophy or creative vision for the sake of profit. These virtues of business are ideals that not only other fashion businesses can look up to, but a vision and a trust on truth that consumers can look forward to supporting with their purchases as well.

For the choice of inspiration, the perfectly balanced and equal designs, and for keeping a brand image alive and true to its roots without becoming stale and boring, Demna Gvasalia is a leading designer in the field of high streetwear. He teaches the consumers of today that they do not have to settle for other brands, but they can trust in one reputable source and call

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