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Sitting cross-legged, one very expensive heel above the other, is Morgan Stewart. It’s a very sunny day in West Hollywood, CA and I’ve been tasked with the very fun duty of interviewing E!’s latest prodigy. For two years, Morgan has allowed cameras to follow her and her very-well-off friends around the world and back in her series, Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills. Today, she sits with me two seasons into the tricky world of reality television, honest and sincere, and ready for what’s to come now that the world knows and loves Morgan Stewart.
On screen, her life comes with the same highs and lows we all experience in friendship and love, but for the rich kids, it’s told on a backdrop of money and privilege, two things our Art Covergirl has no shame in having. Stewart is by far the favorite on the show. She’s funny, and smart and surprisingly insightful. She has kicked the “rich girl” stereotype to the curb, letting viewers at home in on the secret that being well off doesn’t mean you’ve lost touch with reality and, not to mention, that “rich” and “lazy” don’t always have to go in the same sentence. Her blog Boobs & Loubs couldn’t possibly have a catchier name; it’s a platform she started before her series hit E!’s Sunday night block. To Stewart, it’s simply “an extension of [her]self,” as she puts it. To fans, it’s another location for more content related to the star, which she’s okay with. Boobs & Loobs is “everything that embodies my personality, from fashion to small tid-bits, sometimes stories about my personal life…it’s just me. An online version of all parts of me.”
When you grow up in a way that to others is more reminiscent of a film than actual reality, there’s no shortage of people interested in your voice, and all parts of you, and an online version seems fit. In this age, where your lifestyle and the act of sharing it with others can garner you a following, Stewart’s show couldn’t have come at a better time. Her star across social media is only growing with every tweet she posts and every photo she grams. However, being a newbie, she admits it took some getting used to the entire process. “Having the cameras around all the time and allowing them inside my home was definitely a little more awkward for me at first than I imagined it to be.” The first season shed light on Morgan’s lighter side, witty and chic, but season two delves into harsher waters. “I knew what I was getting myself into, but I didn’t know how much work it was going to actually be.” Much to her surprise, it worked out for the best.
“I feel like I’ve learned so much. I feel like I have a work ethic I didn’t have before,” she explains. “People don’t assume that you work, but filming all day long, having people follow you, and having to watch yourself back…that’s not the easiest experience.” Ever the optimist, though, she turns it around. “Although I get to watch my imperfections on television, it gives me the opportunity to fix them.” That goes for those less-than-ideal moments, too. “Being true is the good, the bad, and the ugly. I say, if you don’t like it, you don’t want have to watch it, but I can’t make excuses, this is who I am.” Growing up, she was only slightly different: shorter, but with the same amount of spunk. She remembers her childhood as not much different than the visuals and overall feel depicted in the ’90s cult-classic Troop Beverly Hills. A big dress here, a busy pattern there. “It really was like that,” she says almost pensively. “I have memories of me as a young girl walking on Rodeo with my mom and seeing Fred Hayman, which is the yellow building the troops performed in front of.” Having never seen the building in person but the film more times than I can count, I think of the parallels of our upbringings, but then her next statement drives it home. “Yes, I went to a French private school, but I’ve had the same friends as I was a kid. That’s important. That says a lot about a person,” and just like that, I see that she and I are not so different, and hers is a voice I’m not willing to see go just yet.
makeup KIP ZACHARY for Cloutierremix
hair SCOTT CUNHA for The Only Agency

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