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Self-made blogger and influencer Morgane Enselme climbed her way up to the top of social media success in a few years. With millions of views, thousands of followers, and dozens of videos to her credit, she’s coming to Los Angeles to make a name for herself in Hollywood, and she’s well on track to become the next it-girl you’ll hear about.

How did you go from starting your blog in 2012 to getting millions of views in 2018 ?

Hard work and patience… And a bit of luck let’s be honest (she laughs). I started my blog to share my thoughts and discoveries, at a time where the authenticity of blogs was new and deeply appreciated.

After one year, I was contacted by a french blogger agency who wanted to represent me. This was game changing for me ! They told me “Morgane, if you want to be successful, you need to focus on fashion and beauty”. I did, but after a few years, I decided to focus on eco-responsible fashion and organic cosmetics, just before it became very hype. It was the right content at the right time I guess. It gave me a good visibility to be one of the first to explore this field.

And last year I decided to start making girly best friends videos with Juliette Marsault. She’s my best friend both on screen and real life, I couldn’t dream of a better creative partner ! We created a Facebook page called “Morgane & Juliette” and were lucky enough to meet success quickly, as our 2nd video went viral and hit 2 million views ! It was about how women should support each other and it was massively shared. Once again we were talking about the right thing at the right time, and I’m so grateful for the successes that I got online. Sometimes I still can’t believe that millions of people have watched my videos, especially because on the internet we do not see the audience physically.

Was it hard to learn to deal with media exposure and being in the public eye ?

Well I wouldn’t say hard but it takes some time to get used to it. With views come also critics and comments of all sorts… That anyone with an exposure has to deal with. It’s part of the game. Any Internet personality has been through a bad buzz or has awaken the rage of a community one day. But having an exposure has also advantages, like being invited to amazing events (she went to Cannes Festival twice) and being able to raise awareness for organizations. It can be used for good things.

Was it important for you to commit to the defense of causes in your content ?

Absolutely yes ! It takes A LOT of invisible and hard work to create an online community. First, there’s the content creation. People see the finished result of a photoshoot or a video, but they don’t see the dozens of hours behind it. And most of the time it has to be done with our own time and resources. Then there’s all the networking and promotion of the content to do both online and in real life.

It wouldn’t make sense for me to do all of this without having somehow a higher purpose. I’m not doing it just to get likes on my pictures, I want to use my visibility to raise awareness on the things that can make the world better : responsible consumption, mental or physical well-being, charities… I also volunteer and frequently support crowdfunding campaigns. It’s a way for me to give back for the good things I’ve been fortunate enough to receive.

After meeting this success, do you feel more pressure for your future creations ?

Well creative creation is a gamble, there are no certainties. I’ve had some wins and some failures, but I don’t let the failures stop me. All I can do is create with my heart and put my best into each video. Of course I prefer when I get a good response from the audience, but it’s also very instructive to make mistakes. It’s how you learn to get better.

What projects are you working on to build your life in Los Angeles ?

Oh my God, I have SO MANY things I want to do here. I’m currently talking with Blackpills (A mobile-focused streaming platform) about creating and acting in a 10 episodes series. It’s a fiction we wrote with Juliette about two girls who get revenge from bad ex-boyfriends and sexual harassers, with techniques that you would never imagine. I’m very excited about this. And I’m also working on a movie project and a web-series project with American production companies.

The thing is that the reach of American content is way bigger. I can’t help but wondering : if I reached more than 5 million people with a French-speaking content, how far could I go with English and the resources of an American production company ?

With so much energy and creativity, no doubt Morgane has already taken a good start to take a bite of the American Dream. Smart and determined, it’s no coincidence she became one of the best and most loved influencers of the moment.

Be sure to remember her name, as you might soon see her appear on your screen, whether on a small or big one. Meanwhile, if you want to follow her fast, furious, and creative adventures, discover her colorful and inspiring universe on instagram : @mogow_ !

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