Mr Fantastic Man: Beau Mirchoff



Mr Fantastic Man: Beau Mirchoff

Featured in BELLO mag issue #119

Photography Maarten de Boer
Interview and Art Direction Dio Anthony
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Years from now the world will probably see the arrival of The unauthorized Awkward Story, or something of the sort. The MTV comedy comes to a close this year after a five-season run. A rarity for many shows today—particularly for MTV.  On a summer night in July in 2011, Awkward premiered to a network that hadn’t really ventured onto Scripted territory, besides an attempt earlier that year in January with the American adaptation of Bryan Elsley’s Skins. Shortly after Skins premiered, it generated buzz and controversy over the sexual content heavily included in the series. It might have been just a few years early for it’s American time.
In the following months Awkward would premiere, drawing the same amount of buzz, but this time for its general realism and praise for central character Jenna Hamilton [Ashley Rickards] whose already unfavorable reputation is altered after she’s believed to have survived a suicide attempt. Beau Mirchoff at 22 years old, originated the role of Matty McKibben, a jock with the face of a model and a hidden heart of gold, and whose love affair with Jenna is just one in the story bag. In this Farewell interview, Mirchoff, now 27, looks back on his time at Palos Verdes High-school.
It’s been a little over five years since the show aired its very first episode. Now that we’re here, what comes to mind? 
Well, when we started out, as with any show, you don’t really know what’s going to happen. You go into it blindly and with high hopes. Fortunately enough for us we were able to keep going and keep making a good show. The fans were very supportive and fervent and its been a wonderful experience.
What was it like stepping behind the camera this season final season to direct  Girls Gone Viral? 
It was very stressful. I was very nervous, however I felt very much in my element. I was very prepared, so I was able to kind of take everything in stride. I definitely learned that I really like doing it, and that I want to do more, so I’m going to try my hand at that.
Did you come across any challenges that you weren’t expecting to come across?
There are just various things that arise in regards to various departments. Something won’t work, or this color looks strange, we have to change that. So, you’re always forced to be on your feet. Or something doesn’t look as good as you anticipated or maybe a line isn’t working. You also have to appease the creators and the show-runners. Which means you have integrity in your vision while still maintaining the tone and look of the show.
With only four episode left till the finale, what can you tease? 
Everyone ends up together and there is a large event that takes place where everything is just put in line. There’s a reconciliation of some sort between Jenna and Matty, and I will say that Matty makes a grand romantic gesture. [Laughs]
Naturally since you’d never see the set again, did you take anything as memorabilia? 
I didn’t initially! I’m not the most sentimental of people, but my co-star Brett Davern, you could say, “borrowed” a couple Letterman’s jackets, and he gave me one of those. So I do have something now, thanks to Brett’s borrowing. [Laughs]
What’s the most recent awkward encounter you’ve had?
I have a lot of awkward encounters, you should know that.. But recently, I went on an audition, and I read for a dramatic part—a part I really wanted, and it went really well. At least it’s what I was thinking at the moment. Afterwards the casting people laughed a little bit. But it’s not a comedy! I went with it, thought it was a little strange. Then I walk out on the sidewalk, headed towards my car and I feel a draft, and I look down. I realized that my fly was open—and it was laundry day.
If awkward were a relationship, what did it teach you?
That’s a really interesting question. But I think it taught me that you have to make things work. There will be situations and things that you don’t agree with, but as an actor it’s your job to justify them. You have to make it matter, make it mean something to you. Like a relationship, it’s something you have to work out If you want to eat the fruit of your labor. In order to make it happen, you have to give your all to it.


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