Must-See Monday Mayhem: Meet The Hosts Of E!’s NSFD Monday Night Pop Culture Round-Up “Nightly Pop”

By Brent Lambert (@FEELguide)

Monday nights have officially gone from the worst to the BEST night of the week! So who’s responsible for this godsend miracle? You can thank the three co-hosts of E!’s brand new NSFD (Not Safe For Daytime) late night pop culture round-up series Nightly Pop airing Monday nights at 10:30pm ET/PT. Absolutely nothing is off the table for these three, which is why BELLO wanted to meet TV’s greatest menage-à-trois (i.e. Morgan Stewart, Nina Parker and Hunter March) in person!

BELLO: E! viewers will be seeing your lovely faces in their living rooms every Monday night for hopefully many years to come. So speaking of faces, whose face do you get mistaken for the most? And whose face would you WISH you got mistaken for the more often?

HUNTER MARCH: I’d like to be mistaken for Ryan Reynolds, or really any celeb with pectoral muscles, but that’s a long shot. I do, though, get mistaken for Morgan Stewart’s celebrity assistant — mostly by Morgan.

NINA PARKER: I used to get Jill Scott. I wish it was Oprah so I could get her deposits at the bank.

MORGAN STEWART: I get a mix between Claire Danes and Sookie from True Blood. I personally don’t think I look like either!

BELLO: Whose red hot tongue, blazing fast wit, and ‘say anything’ attitude do you most admire and aspire to?!

HUNTER MARCH: Morgan yells things that I’m scared to even think about in public. I admire that. And Nina is the only reason the show actually moves forward and has a structure. She keeps us in line and I ALSO admire that. You know what I DON’T admire? Being asked to pick between my two co-hosts. Stop it before I get in trouble.

NINA PARKER: I’m a huge Jerry Seinfeld fan — I love the way he observes the world. I also love how Wendy Williams is fearless when it comes to expressing her opinion. I’d love to mirror that combo.

MORGAN STEWART: Of course, the late great Joan Rivers is somebody I have always admired. Her quick wit and unfiltered humor is something I very much have resonated with.

BELLO: After a year’s worth of filming, who will have downed the most shots out of all three of you?


NINA PARKER: Morgan, hands down.

MORGAN STEWART: Probably me!

BELLO: A few months from now, the three of you are sent on assignment and your plane crashes on a deserted island and the three of you have to fend for yourselves. Who’s most likely to find enlightenment first? Who’s most likely to go nuts first? And who’s most likely to have everything magically work out perfectly for them (as always)?

HUNTER MARCH: Everything is going to work out for Nina. She’s too cool for it not to. I’ll reach enlightenment first, because I’m fairly zen as is. And if we were flying coach, Morgan would already have lost her mind.

NINA PARKER: I’d probably find enlightenment first. Morgan would go bonkers because Tom Ford doesn’t ship to deserted islands. And Hunter would have everything work out magically like in real life.

MORGAN STEWART: Things always seem to work out magically for me 🙂

BELLO: Greatest Halloween memory of all time, and worst Halloween memory of all time?

HUNTER MARCH: The year I used a real chainsaw for my costume. I thought it added a lot of value. My buddy on the other hand, died from a chainsaw accident. So, kind of my best and worst Halloween memory.

NINA PARKER: I’m an October baby so I always had Halloween/birthday parties growing up so I have amazing memories from that. Worst memory is spending months making a homemade costume for the school competition and losing to a store-bought costume. It still haunts me.

MORGAN STEWART: Donatella this past weekend! Was a great Halloween moment for me and I never hold on to bad memories!

BELLO: 20 years from now what’s going to be the #1 show on E!?

HUNTER MARCH: Do you even have to ask? Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

NINA PARKER: Keeping Up With The Kardashians: The New Class.

MORGAN STEWART: Ummmmm… hopefully The Morgan Stewart show. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

BELLO: What’s the one word that can describe your new show?

HUNTER MARCH: That’s Showbiz Baby.

NINA PARKER: Indescribable. Kidding — EXCITING!


BELLO: So Nina, how excited are you for your huge new deal with E!? Is this part of your bigger plan to take over the world?

NINA PARKER: This is my first move in world domination, yes. I’m beyond thrilled to be working at E! & hope to be able to host the Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s season 5000 reunion in 20 years.

Nightly Pop airs Monday nights at 10:30pm ET/PT on E!


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