My First Time (At The Movies)

MY FIRST TIME (At The Movies)
by Michelle Ganey & Hiko Mitsuzuka

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From the fantastical worlds of Cinderella and Inside Out to beloved sequels (Insurgent, Magic Mike XXL) and blockbuster adventures (Ant-Man, Jurassic World), 2015 is being dominated by acclaimed films that will surely be embedded in the memories of a generation. And since we’re all about nostalgia this month, we asked some of our past cover stars to reveal and share their very first experience at the movies…

Justin Baldoni: Jurassic Park
“The first movie I remember seeing was Jurassic Park. My dad took me. All I remember was thinking that I had the coolest dad in the world because he was taking me to see it, and a bunch of my friends’ parents wouldn’t let them go. When the lights turned off, everyone started clapping and screaming and getting excited like we were going on a massive ride. I’l never forget looking up at him with a huge smile and taking it all in. It was such a cool father-son moment.”

Lana Parilla: E.T.
“I remember loving it so much, I dragged my family to see it with me five times! It’s still one of my favorite films to date! E.T. phone home!”

Chad Michael Murray: 3 Ninjas
“I think it was The 3 Ninjas. Going to the movies with my family was always amazing. The popcorn smell will always bring back that nostalgia.”

Jennette McCurdy: Toy Story
“The first movie I vividly remember seeing in the theater was Toy Story. I was three years old. I peed four times before going into the theater because I didn’t want to have to pee during it and miss a second. I had a crush on Slinky the Dog. I, like every other child who saw the movie, went away believing all of my toys were real and subsequently did not want to get rid of any of them.”

Keegan Allen: Jurassic Park
“I remember seeing Jurassic Park with my parents. I had a full obsession with dinosaurs and was reverently awaiting a new Steven Spielberg movie. I saw it at the El Captain theatre on Hollywood Boulevard the night it came out. Most of my friends from school were there too, and it was before cell phones, so we all had to call the land phones at each other’s houses and coordinate with our parents to sit together. Everyone was talking about it at school for months…and even today, it’s still the best dinosaur movie of all time (in my own opinion). When I hear that John Williams score swell with the helicopter shot… I get a nostalgic coma.”

Mae Whitman: The Truman Show
“I know I saw movies before this in the theater, but the first one I can remember is The Truman Show. I was so devastatingly invested, that when he sailed to the end of the world and his boat poked the backdrop, I had to run out of the theater because I was crying so hysterically. I’m still too scared to watch the ending!”

Robbie Amell: GoldenEye
“One of my first movie memories was my dad sneaking me into GoldenEye when I was 7. It was my first action movie in the theater, and I absolutely loved it!”

Travis Van Winkle: Titanic?
“The first movie I remember seeing in the theater was…Well, I know I must have seen a movie earlier than this one, but the experience that comes to mind was Titanic. It was this massive movie, and the story was rooted in our history, so I felt a connection to it. Of course, I had a big soda and extra large popcorn. But what I remember most about that day was being moved to tears a few times and hiding it from my mom and her friend because I didn’t want them to think I was a wuss. Never let go, Jack. Never let go!”

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