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New STARZ Original Series from Executive Producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson Power premieres tonight June 7 9P ET/PT.

La belle Naturi Naughton from Power is featured in this month issue of BELLO Mag. Here is an exclusive look at her editorial + interview.

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Hollywood is littered with personal stories of struggle and perseverance…of dizzying heights and humbling lows…of utterly memorable moments, and those wishes they could forget. But singer/actress Naturi Naughton’s tale is in a class all by itself. In fact, if this town was churning out biopics of its best and brightest, the girl would need a Technicolor miniseries just to capture even a fraction of her wild ride. Don’t believe us? Look at how much ground a conversation with the talented and candid beauty can cover…


Her 3LW days… “There were good times and lots of fun, like being on the (2001) TRL tour opening for Destiny’s Child or opening for N’Sync on their (2001) Pop Odyssey tour. I can look back on those days with a sense of accomplishment and a grateful spirit, but I also look back remembering that I wasn’t my happiest. So, growing beyond that experience has made me a more fulfilled person.”

Performing with Michael Jackson… “He did a huge charity concert to unite the nation after 9/11. (He) shook my hand backstage and told us all too just sing from our hearts and makes it pure. That was such a special moment and I’ll never forget it.”

Fame kids… I was a Fame kid (even before she was cast as one of the stars of the high profile 2009 remake) I knew that I was going to be a singer and an actress when I grew up and I told everyone so too! I wasn’t a shy kid. I loved the arts, I loved performing and I wanted to influence people with the gifts God gave me.

Playing Lil Kim in her big screen breakthrough, the B.I.G. biopic, Notorious
“Winning (that role) was one of the best opportunities of my career. Yes it had its challenges and people will always find ways to criticize, but I was so determined to play that role with honesty, fierceness, vulnerability and passion that I couldn’t let people’s opinions stand in my way.”

Working for Executive Producer, 50 Cent, on the new Starz drama, Power… “One day we were on set and he says, “Damn, I forget how short you are because you seem so tall when I watch you on the show. You’re presence makes you seem 7 feet!” That meant a lot to me. He knows my journey and it makes me feel good to know I have his support in playing this role.

Her character, Tasha St. Patrick… She is the” ride or die” wife of Ghost (played by Omari Hardwick). Tasha comes from the streets just like Ghost and she actually helped him build his drug empire. She is strong, sexy, confident, manipulative, and fearless at her core. I’m truly excited for people to see me in this role.”

Pay Cable vs. Network… “Shooting Power was definitely different from shooting some of my former shows (The Playboy Club, The Client List). (Those shows) were both fun experiences, but as we know, shooting a network TV program or even a regular cable show can carry with it many stipulations. With Power, I think our writer/showrunner Courtney Kemp Agboh did a great job creating story lines that push the audience and Starz appreciates gritty and honest material.

Acting vs. Singing… “Many any people ask me which profession I prefer and I say, I’m loyal to both! As a little girl from East Orange, NJ, who sang in the choir at New Hope Baptist Church, (music represents) my roots; it moves me and gives me the opportunity to move others… Acting was something I always wanted to do but really got more serious about it in my teens. I love that (with it) I’m able to transform. It’s such an amazing feeling to go from playing Hip Hop icon Lil Kim, for example, to playing a Playboy Bunny in the 1960s!



photographer MARC CARTWRIGHT
stylist assistant BRYON JAVAR
makeup DESIRAE CHERMAN for Tracey Mattingly
hair assistant JAMES GILBERT
set assistant MARY F. TRAN


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