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NBC’s Grimm is back tonight! The series, one of NBCs most sucessful Dramas went on its winter haitus late last year in November. Its Sophmore season returns with it’s 13th episode to Portland and all its Grim-licious inhabitants. David Guintoli, not only caught up with BELLO during the drama’s hiatus, but the “gaurdian” himself even had time to pose as our March cover boy. Check out David and the rest of his interview here.

HIS OBSESSION WITH FUGAZI: “They’re a very influential band from the early 80s through the 90s. And they were straight-edged, they didn’t do drugs or anything. All-ages show. There would be 10-year-olds in the audience and it was insane. It looked like they were on drugs.” Very famous. They were a pre-cursor to all grunge music. You should watch a video of their concert.

HIS SIDE PROJECTS AND COLLABORATIONS: “I have a lot of writer friends who are always constantly writing things, and some of them make it, some of them don’t.” In fact, the only thing that’s coming up, since ‘Grimm’ keeps him busy, is a movie called ‘Carolyn and Jackie.’ He shot it with his on-screen girlfriend, Bitsie Tulloch, way before they started working on ‘Grimm.’ It made waves at Tribeca last year.


THE DYNAMIC ON THE ‘GRIMM’ SET: “I love days when there’s a bunch of actors on set because sometimes it’s just me, or sometimes it’s just me and Hank. It’s nice when we have five people on set and we all just make each other laugh. Sasha Roiz is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. As is Silas. Everybody’s got this crazy sense of humor, and we all know how lucky we are, so it’s all playful – not to say we don’t take it seriously, but we don’t take ourselves seriously.”

GREATEST ACTING LESSON LEARNED: “Don’t get stuck in class. Meaning, there has to be a time when you go out and try for a career. No, I think it’s always good to be in class…Just don’t audition in the first two years – don’t even try to…and once you start acting, do the editing round so you can kind of see how the whole thing cuts together and what’s important and what’s not in the art of fashioning an hour-long story. That’s incredibly important.”

WORKING WITH ‘WILL & GRACE’ ALUM SEAN HAYES (who executive produces ‘Grimm’): “I was starstruck and in awe of him [when we first met] because he’s such a wonderful actor. And then I saw what a sweet guy he was. He is one of the most pleasant people to work for, and he’s kind of my boss – one of them – and his attitude the attitude of the other producers are so great, and it really trickles down and makes working on ‘Grimm’ a wonderfully pleasant ride.”

ON TRAVELING AND BEING RECOGNIZED ABROAD: “I was just in Nairobi, Kenya, and I went to this coffeeshop at a mall, and I got swarmed by these teenagers, and they were huge fans of ‘Grimm’. It airs out there. So that’s really crazy to me. And then I went from there to Paris, and again, so many people knew about the show. So that’s the craziest thing, knowing that in Nairobi, there is a ‘Grimm’ fanbase…and I’ll have you know I’m malaria free.”

RECENT MOVIES HE’S LOVING: ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ and ‘Hope Springs’

ON RETURNING TO L.A. AFTER WORKING IN PORTLAND: “I love Silverlake. That neighborhood is what I fell in love with when I first got here, when I first kind of found my friends and identity.” His favorite haunts include Cha Cha and LA Mill for coffee: “It has the best coffee outside Portland.”

Catch Grimm on NBC Fridays 9/8c

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