Netflix’s Crouching Tiger Sequel! A Ninja Move In Hollywood

Netflix is going Ninja on Movie Theaters.

Netflix is not only taking over television by creating exclusive new series, the streaming service has just launched a bold offensive in its deal with the Weinstein Co. to produce a sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

The coming film will make its debut in August simultaneously on IMAX screens and on the Netflix streaming service.

It’s not the first time Weinstein Co. is doing such a thing. Recently SNOWPIERCER introduced a new way of distribution in the US [SNOWPIERCER’ PIONEERING NEW METHOD OF MOVIE DISTRIBUTION … ‘SO IT IS].

NETFLIX, INC. - Production Is Underway On Epic Netflix Original

Those who can’t wait to see a film pay for a cinema ticket, while patient vieewers can rent the movie a few months later. By tradition, companies such as Netflix (NFLX) and cable networks swoop in for broadcast rights to appease late-night channel surfers. The windows have been shrinking for some time, and Netflix’s announcement on Tuesday morning shatters them entirely—at least for one 14-year-old martial arts franchise.

The seminal Crouching Tiger was released in 2000 to garner $128.1 million in U.S. theaters, more than double the returns of Life Is Beautiful, the next-most-lucrative foreign language film, according to IMDb. The film rounded up an additional $85.4 million outside the U.S., as well as four Academy Awards.

“This is a natural extension of Netflix’s original programming strategies, which they’ve done quite well with” said Paul Sweeney, director of research at Bloomberg Industries. “It really does drive subscriber growth.”

Theaters will have a choice of whether to show the Netflix film … a war has begun in Hollywood.


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