New Olloclip Lenses For iPhone 6 Plus

I loved my olloclip set so much for my iPhone 5s … until the 6 Plus was released and then I could not use it any longer on my new iPhone (thanx Apple) thankfully olloclip has released a new set of lenses for my new iPhone (thanx olloclip) and this time, just like my new improved iPhone it’s even better.

I loved the macro lens, trust me as soon as you get one you will find yourself going around the house truing to photograph everything in macro! And even find things you wish you did not … but I will come back to this topic later …

The new set of lens include 3 types of macro – 7x – 14x and 21x … it’s pretty impressive. The wide angle is still there but improved with a Circular Polarizing Lens … here is the difference the CPL makes:


Those two images were taken with my iPhone 6 Plus using the wide angle and CPL. You can clearly see that even on a stormy cloudy day it makes a big difference in color. Above I have used the wide angle and on the picture below I have added the CPL to my wide angle lens.

It makes colors look rich and true to life!


The other new lens from the previous set I had is the Telephoto with 2x optical magnification. Again here is an exemple with and without this lens.



Now I know what you are thinking, it is a lot of small lenses to carry around … don’t worry – They have wearable pendants so you can take them all and avoid losing any.


Now I told you the macro was good, but let me show you something * Spoiler Alert * bugs are involved …

When they say Get Extra Close and See Beyond The Naked Eye … they mean it.

You see that reclaimed wood coffee table above where I put my lenses on to take a pic … I then used the macro 14x and saw something that I could not even see with my eyes … reclaimed wood is sure nice but it sometimes comes with unwanted guests … thanx olloclip for saving my table … now I am off to home depot to plan something to save it while I can.



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