Nick Wechsler Teases “A Darker Jack” on Revenge


This season of Revenge has been a hard one for good boy Jack Porter, played by BELLO Magazine’s January cover boy Nick Wechsler. He’s gone through all the emotions a human can endure– including joining your partner in Holy Matrimony, only to have her snatched away from you by the hands of death, not even 72 hours into the marriage. BelloWatch chatted with Wechsler, and he dished on what to expect now that things have hit the fan for the on-screen do-gooder.

On What’s coming up for Jack. “You can expect a dark jack. He’s lost almost everything. So you can expect to see him go down his own revenge path. He’s still a good guy, but he’s had a lot of heart break and the uncareness of this guy [Conrad Greyson] . He’s  so rich, and he can afford a pristine image, and he’s going to get a way with it. He [Jack] just can’t live with that.

Will there be a Jack & Emily now that Amanda’s not in the picture? “I think a connection wil alway be there. It takes a back seat for a little while. Basically, he ends up, through loosing Amanda, he learns some stuff about–perhaps Emily not being as honest as she could’ve been.  Granted, her hands were tied, she couldn’t be. But he’ll learn that.  It kind of puts their thing on hold.” I don’t know about you guys, but I’ll never stop hopin’ and wishin’ for these two!


On what he’d like to see happen with Jack. “To fulfill what’s taking him to a darker side,” said Wechsler.

“I want him to, I’ve always kind of said that there’s only so many times you can have Jack doing something before the audience stops feeling bad for him. Putting things together, and going on a war path is pretty awesome. I think part of it, he didn’t do it because he’s the only pure thing on this show. Everyone’s doing bad things, even the good characters are doing bad things. He’s the only one not doing anything shady. And I think they [the writers] hesitated taking him there because they didn’t want to lose in a sense our way into this world. Or way out, I guess. I always felt like, they’ll [fans] just  deal with it.”


He continues: “The thing with Emily is that if he traces anything back to her, the audience goes “oh no, not jack,” and then it’s “Oh now I can’t ever imagine her telling him the truth.” And I think it’s a smart move. For a long time, he wasn’t allowed to react like a human would sometimes. But now he’s an active participant in his life and he’s setting out and doing things. And I’m enjoying that a lot.”.

On Working more with other cast members. “Most of his [Jack] scenes are filmed at the Stoweway more than anywhere else. My schedule wasn’t as difficult to deal with. They’d try to shoot the Stoweaway out in just a handful of days. But because jack is going out and doing more, I am working on more sets. I’m working on more days a week. An this all means that he’s much more involved in the story and he’s getting out in doing things.”

“I would love to have more scenes with Madeline. My world rarely intercepts with there. They’re also these brilliant veterans in this game. I love just watching them.”

What to expect in the finale. “Some of it is still not nailed down, I’ll hear something about, “oh they’re going to do this and I’ll  be like really? That’s how this is going to play out? And then find out the writers changed their mind.”

Don’t miss Nick as a darker Jack for the remaining of season one on ABC Sundays at 9PM. 

Also, check out Nick in BELLO Magazine here. 

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