Featured in BELLO issue #167.

by Brent Lambert @FEELguide
When Sports Illustrated scours the globe for a handful of the most beautiful women alive, it’s kind of a big deal. It’s an even bigger deal when you are one of those chosen few. Meet Olivia Jordan — the newest addition to the pantheon of women to grace the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Far from just another pretty face, Olivia is also a rising star in Hollywood, and it’s this exciting combination that makes her the ultimate choice to grace the pages of BELLO as well.
BELLO: Where were you when you got the big news that you had been chosen as a 2018 Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, and how did you celebrate?! 
OLIVIA: I thought I was just trying on clothes with my dear friends at Bollare until they knocked on the door and said they wanted to talk to me right away. As I was basically naked, I haphazardly threw on the clothes closest to me–a polka dot blouse (which I can now say with some confidence probably shouldn’t be paired with a corduroy skirt). As I opened the dressing room door, Zack said I had to come outside and Ottilia started buttoning up my top and tying the never-ending belt around my waist. Still, none of this seemed too out of the ordinary until Zack said “pick up my phone.” On the other end, MJ Day (the Creative Director) & the SI Swimsuit team were waiting to tell me that my dreams were about to come true–that I would get to join the ranks of Kate Upton and be in the next swim issue! I was not entirely sure if I was dreaming or if this was real life for the majority of the conversation. Luckily it WAS and my boyfriend and I went out to my favorite restaurant that night to celebrate with a margarita.
BELLO: The SI swimsuit model is such a huge icon in the world of beauty. What does this achievement mean to you personally, and what role do you see members of this elite club having in 2018 and beyond, especially when it comes to young women?
OLIVIA: I have always been a fan of the SI Swimsuit Issue. The issue has historically celebrated women and helped models throughout history to launch their careers into becoming full-blown empires. I have looked up to so many of the women who have come before me: Tyra Banks, Christie Brinkley, Chrissy Teigen, Brooklyn Decker. I see being part of that incredible legacy is a chance to take my career to the next level and build the kind of platform where I can really make a difference in the world using my voice while I keep chasing dreams.
BELLO: What is your definition of true beauty?
OLIVIA: As I grow older I see more and more that the most beautiful people are those that are in touch with themselves, aware of who they are and how they can make the world a little better. My idea of beauty has transformed in the past decade. Things that used to seem so important now feel so trivial. Beauty can be enhanced by physical displays (like makeup, hair, etc.) but it comes from a sense of knowing who you are, an inner confidence and respect of yourself and of your place in the world.
BELLO: You’re also a burgeoning actress as well. Who would you define as your biggest role models in the world of acting, and whose body of work would you say you admire the most?
OLIVIA: I grew up going to the movies every weekend and watching TV with my family every night. I look up to so many actors and study different ones for different reasons. Some are so incredible at comedy, others drama, and some can seamlessly shift gears. Those that can truly transform inspire me most of all; for example, I love watching everything Will Smith does. He has become a multitude of characters through the years, he holds nothing back, and crosses every genre. Anna Kendrick has recently impressed me in the same way. She is ageless on screen and can jump from comedy to drama and back again and hook you into the story instantly.
BELLO: You have an enormous Instagram following. Do you approach it from a creative/artistic point of view, or would you consider it more a frivolous hobby?
OLIVIA: I was not one to jump quickly on the social media bandwagon and I am still a slow adaptor as they keep updating. But I did see that Instagram can open doors in the entertainment industry and its a huge opportunity to let people know what really matters to you. Captions to me are key in sharing who I am with all my followers but only recently I am starting to get into the aesthetic of it all and I have started taking more photos of things that inspire me. I haven’t been quick to share my photography yet as I know it will be a stretch from my typical content but I am hoping to keep finding ways to grow creatively and share that growth online.
BELLO: What are some of your biggest longterm dreams and goals in life?
OLIVIA: I would love to be a regular on a TV show–thats the ultimate dream. A side-hustle I would love to explore would be to partner with a brand to create my own fitness clothes. I am so specific about what I want to wear that it would be a dream to just create it and hopefully it’s exactly what others are lacking from their closets as well. And I would love to start my own fundraiser. I currently work with several different causes so I am not sure how to just focus on one, but I know that I could make a difference if I did find that one thing that I could really lend my voice to.
BELLO: I’ve heard it said that a healthy mind and a healthy body go hand-in-hand. You clearly have the healthy body element under control, but what sort of regimen do you have to keep your mind in great shape, too?
OLIVIA: I think it’s crucial to keep learning and growing. I read everyday, I go see almost every film that hits theaters, I go to weekly acting classes, and have attended workshops across all genres of self-realization. I also am trying to develop a regular meditation practice and one day hopefully get into yoga to merge the healthy mind, healthy body practice.
BELLO: We’ve all heard of Oprah’s Favorite Things, but what are some of Olivia’s Favorite Things these days?
OLIVIA: My favorite book of all time is The Alchemist, and my favorite show right now is This is Us. I recently cut back on coffee and so I can’t stop drinking tea throughout the day: black tea for breakfast, green tea in the afternoon, and chamomile or peppermint before bed. I am living in Alo Yoga clothes because comfort is key! Favorite restaurant is Gracias Madre. It’s vegan Mexican food and it is heavenly! And I got a Dagne Dover bag from Bandier at the beginning of the year and I can’t remember what life was like without it. It’s a perfect travel carry-on and great for me to take my computer, a change of clothes, and snacks for long days on set.
BELLO: What are you most excited about in the year ahead?
OLIVIA: Acting. I have pursued several different dreams since moving to LA 7 years ago. I reached the peak of my pageant career as Miss USA, reached the height of my modeling career by appearing in Sports Illustrated, and now I am ready–more than ever–to focus on my ultimate dream of reaching that acting dream and working on a show regularly. Fingers crossed!
BELLO: Summer is right around the corner…any big plans?!
OLIVIA: Yes, my sister is getting married! This summer I will be busy balancing work and trying to spend as much time as possible with my sweet sister, Allie, before she gets married in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This is my first time being a maid-of-honor and as it’s my sister I will be doing my best to make sure it is the summer of her dreams! I successfully helped her “say yes to her dress” so hopefully the planning will all be easy now that she made that critical decision.


Photography Arthur Galvao

Creative Director Aleksandar Tomovic

Producer Stephane Marquet

Styling Robiat Balogun

Hair Josh Liu

Makeup Danni Katz

Maison Privée x BELLO Media Group

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