Orexcellence line by Decléor Paris

Decléor Paris is the world’s first professional aromatherapy skincare brand born from the best mix of aromatic plants, essential oils and active ingredients. Aromessence Oil serums are not only beneficial to the skin, but they also stimulate the olfactory senses and affect the way you respond to stress. Enriched with carefully selected ingredients, Decléor’s facial products fights anti-ageing and ensures that your skin stays hydrated and radiant.


Orexcellence line – the secret to your new energy.
A special line dedicated to re-energising, regenerating and revitalising mature skin.


5 anti-aging treatments:

Aromessence Magnolia Youthful Oil Serum
Energy Concentrate Youth Cream
Energy Concentrate Youth Mask
Energy Concentrate Youth Eye Care
Aromessence Magnolia Youthful Night Balm

Orexcellence relies on 3 specific ingredients from mother nature. MagnoliaPeony and Ginger.

Magnolia: essential oil which fights the effects of aging and actively redensifies skin
Peony: a plant utilised in medicine since antiquity, a symbol of wealth and immortality. Peony root is a botanical treasure that helps redefine the facial contour by stimulating skin cell communication.
Ginger: a revitalising feel-good root for body and mind.




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