A lot more than just abs – pure natural Hollywood charisma 

He comes from Hollywood, where he is at the top of his talent, with the magnetic charm, believe when we say, raising extremely high body temperature around him, making girls dream of his six pack, while they find his jawbone incredibly manly. One would need to consult Pantone for the color of his smart eyes and all of the sudden, ecstatically, we realize that this young actor, Parker Young, is actually coming to Belgrade to the 1st international movie comedy festival, Comedy Fest. One thing for sure, many will be breath-taken seeing him in person, since they watched him in Arrow, Enlisted, Suburgatory, Sex Ed and most importantly he brings 4th Man Out, to the festival, his latest film which already has great reviews.

This personification of a strong, high-school American football team leader, will leave his fast LA celebrity way of living to join us and enjoy our capital.

It is our national custom to smile and laugh, so without any doubt, we will pass it on 28 year- old Parker Young, who brings the new funny motion picture 4th Man Out to Belgrade with him. We are convinced that this movie is just another step to his stairway to the Hollywood stellar sky!

 4th Man Out is a touching comedy, with an important message… Comedy Fest guest, Young, plays a kind of Don Juan character, very successful with girls, in the group of four inseparable pals from an American small town. However, when Chris’ best friend Adam (Evan Todd) reveals to the other guys that he is gay, their life completely changes. The most difficult task for these macho- men is to change their sense of humor.

The eyes of Hollywood are focused on Parker Young, no matter that this movie star mecca is crowded with handsome young people ready to grab success at no cost. All those different characters Parker played, proved that he is much more than just a pretty face and a young man with an athlete body (he used to be Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein model). Putting a lot of talent and effort in everything he does, he follows the comedy footsteps of Ryan Reynolds and if we add that he is said to be a great colleague to his fellows actors : Scott Eastwood ( Clint Eastwood’s son), Steven R. McQueen ( the legendary Steve McQueens grandson), Shay Mitchell (the actress in „Pretty Little Liars“), Tyler Posey, Colton Haynes, Carly Chaikin, Chord Overstreet and other new TV and movie stars, the real success for this interesting young man is sure to come…

Parker Young, as our handsome charming Comedy Fest special guest, will bring all the magic moments girls can imagine: nostalgic, romantic, almost forgotten but the feeling similar to cool high-school outsider girls kissing the brawny quarterbacks under the football stands…


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