Parker Young Plays Pretend

Parket Young doesn’t like playing it safe. He’s always up for a challenge, so dressing him up in several autumn ensembles was a breeze after coming form the set of “Suburgatory” (he plays a dumb-jock-with-a-heart Ryan Shay). In fact, shooting with Bello was a welcome change from the lack of layers he’s familiar with on ABC’s breakout comedy (season 2 spoiler: we see him in tights). But at the end of the day, the young Mr. Young likes to keep himself in check, focus on being ” a creator,” and ask every once in a while: What would Paul Neman do ? Check out…

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So, upon meeting you at our photo shoot, we found out you have a passion for motorcycles. What’s the draw?

I have kind of always been drawn to motorcycles. I guess I have always been drawn to anything that challenges me or gets my heart racing. I feel that life can be a bit mundane if you always play it safe, and riding a motorcycle is just another way for me to spice things up a bit. There is a certain freedom that you feel when on a motorcycle that is hard to match, and in a city like LA where everyone is stuck in bumper to bumper traffic pissed off, it’s nice to cruise around the cars with a smile on your face just enjoying the moment.

Your character on “Suburgatory” doesn’t seem to have a problem shedding his clothes. Can we expect more scantily-clad shenanigans in season 2?

Oh boy, he sure doesn’t. Yeah you can expect the shenanigans. My first day back on set this season, I found myself in tights… so it gets weird.

Being relatively new to the Hollywood scene, what’s one important lesson you’ve learned so far?

One thing you realize is that this town can be very judgmental, and you need to ask yourself whether you want to be a “judger” or a “creator.” Either way you will fit in just fine, but for me there is only one answer that will keep me sane: be a creator. In whatever field you choose to share your creative talents, make it about the work. You can ALWAYS learn more, grow more, and expand more as an artist and as a person–your work is never done. By consistently working to better yourself and your craft. You are living the life of a creative person following his or her heart, and few things are more fulfilling. Sounds a bit cheesy, but the alternative is to sit back and be miserable while you judge the people who are creating the things today that will change the world tomorrow.

How would you describe your sense of style?

I think a person’s style goes hand in hand with his or her lifestyle. If you’re an athlete, you wear sports apparel, if you’re a nun, you wear… well, a nun’s clothes… I think it’s called a “Habit.” Anyways, I’m a dude that currently rides a motorcycle and makes a living by “playing pretend” in front of a camera, so yeah, I guess my style is pretty simple, comfortable, and practical (aka boring): Jeans, plain T-shirts, leather jackets, hoodies, boots, and chucks… and don’t forget the swim trunks. Then the occasional fancy outfit when I get to play dress up for Bello magazine.

If there’s one actor whose career you’d like to model yours after, who would it be, and why?

To try and model myself after another actor’s career sounds like a recipe for disappointment and let down. Many people–and actors especially–inspire me, however, and I can only hope to model my life and career after those people who took chances, did what they loved and wanted to do, helped and inspired as many people as possible along the way, and enjoyed the journey as opposed to some sort of imaginary destination. If I had to pick an actor, the guy who probably did it best was Paul Newman. Talk about a guy who left the world better than he found it. He made some great movies, and even has a food organization that donates 100% of its proceeds to charities… over $330 million dollars so far. Wow…

interview by Hiko Mitsuzuka
photography Aleksandar Tomovic

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